Feros safer scraper: Best replacement for your metal bristles grill scraper

If you’ve been using the traditional metal bristle scraper to clean your grill, you are doing it wrong and at the same time exposing yourself to many potential health hazards.

So, what are some of these risks? According to doctors, if the wire bristles break off, they are likely to remain of the grate and eventually get into the food that you are preparing. Once you consume this food, the wire bristles may lodge in your digestive system – especially the small intestines and the stomach where they can cause significant damage.

Hard to believe? Just Google brush bristle injuries and look at the images. Warning! Some of the images are too graphic. Although there are guides to help you prevent these accidents, they aren’t guaranteed to work.

To remove these bristles, an emergency surgery is the only option. Many cases of this issue have been reported and they have caused pain and heavy medical expenses.

Now that you have understood the danger of metal bristles, why shouldn’t you replace your metal bristles brush with a safer option?

How to clean a grill without a wire brush?

There are several alternatives to using a brush scraper with metal bristles. One alternative that we would recommend is the Feros Safer Scraper, which is a wooden grill scraper.

It is one of the most efficient and safest ways to make your grill clean. Do not let yourself become a statistic of those who become victims of the dangers of wire bristle scrapers.

How the Feros Safer Scraper works

safe bbq brush

The Safer Scraper is quite easy to use – it is not just easy to handle, but it conforms to your grill pattern as well. This feature means that there is no particular way to use it and no wrong way to use Safer Scraper.

Whatever scrapping pattern, pressure, or angle you use, the Safer Scraper will form grooves on its bamboo material. What more would you want from a grill scraper? The Safer Scraper is hence nothing short of being the ultimate tool you can use for scrapping your grill.

Why it is safer to use the Feros Safer Scraper

Most importantly, the Safer Scraper eliminates the need for a metal wire grill scraper. By doing so, the dangers that come with the metallic scrapers are become a thing of the past.

You would not have to worry about any harmful bristles getting into your food and result in additional medical bills or a fatality in severe cases. The Safer Scraper is something you would definitely need in your household to ensure your loved ones are safe while enjoys those weekend afternoon barbeques in your backyard.

Also, this product is made out of bamboo meaning that there was no loss of trees during its making – bamboo is a fast-growing tree that is tolerant to harsh conditions. Therefore, using it also plays a role in environmental conservation. You can purchase the wooden grill scraper on Amazon.


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