Control the Mood With the Elecwish 12-Inc Smart LED Ceiling Light

Some places and times call for a calm and soothing glowing light instead of the regular bright harsh LED lights. Your living room, coffee shop, hotel or bar might need a smart light that not only suits the decor but also gives you remote control over the light’s brightness and ambiance.

The Elecwish LED ceiling light is a 12 inch 24W light that mounts flush to the ceiling and gives you a remote to control brightness and tone.

The Elecwish ceiling light gives you two control options. Brightness control and temperature control. These two are enough to bring your ceiling to life no matter the mood or time of the day.


You must, however, not that the light isn’t multicolored hence it won’t replace your holiday lights or the part strobe lights. You will need something else to achieve that.

Design and Appearance

This cylindrical flushmount light is a has a rather slender profile that makes it a perfect fit for most ceiling decors. With all the mounting screws in the hub, you can mount it to the ceiling without any visible blemishes giving you a neat 12-inch diameter light that is powerful enough to push up to 1920 lumens when on maximum brightness. This is the equivalence of a 150W incandescence bulb.

An optical PMMA acrylic lampshade spreads the light softly, giving you a gentle glow that is soft on the eyes no matter what setting you choose.

All the controls sit in the wireless remote controller. This gives you the basic on-off function, a dedicated night mode button and a d-pad like key that lets you adjust brightness or tone while on the go. Below that is a mode button to cycle through your programmed light setting options and three buttons that let you choose which light you are dealing with at any given time since the remote can hook up to a maximum of 3 lights.

Installation and Getting Started

Installing the light is simple and will vary depending on where it will be going. It isn’t a must to put the light on the ceiling. You can put it on a table lamp, a chandelier or a bedside lamp. The most important thing is attaching the bulb’s wires to your main power supply. Remember to switch off the power before handling any electrical wires to avoid electrical shock.

Once you’ve done attaching the wires, it would be wise to test the smart bulb before screwing the fixture into place to ensure that everything is working just fine. You should use the cardboard template found in the packaging to find out where you are to drill the mounting holes.

You might need:

  • A flathead screw driver
  • Wire strippers
  • A drill with the right bits for ceiling or walls
  • Electrician’s tape

Even though the remote is wireless, the bulb won’t connect to your Wi-Fi network. You will get excellent control from the remote (up to 100m) but there is not room to control the bulb from your smartphone.

To pair a remote to the bulb, switch the bulb on at the wall switch. This will make it turn on at full brightness. Press and hold the center button (the one between the d-pad) until the light stops flashing.


  • – Smart Ceiling Light Parameter: Input voltage: AC100-240V; Frequency:50/60Hz;Input power:24W Controller powered by 2*AAA batteries(Batteries Not Included) 12″×2.6″(W×H);Note: “All on /off” button CAN NOT be applied to learn code / return code, the lower four bottons work.
  • -Adjustable Color Tone Smart LED Ceiling Light: Press the Color Temperature UP/Color Temperature DOWN button to change the color temperature from 3000K to 6000K (Stepless Adjustable) with 1920 lms MAX;
  • – Adjustable Brightness Smart Ceiling Light: Press the Brightness UP/Brightness DOWN button the change the brightness, it has stepless dimming function; you could use the function to create different moods you like. NO NEED TO BUY ANOTHER NIGHT LIGHT
  • – Smart Controller & Widely Suitable: wireless remote controller reach up to 100m distance, one remote controller can control 4 groups simultaneously, per group up to multi lights. Could be used on Table Lamp , Ceiling Fixture , Chandelier , Pendant , Floor Lamp, Club, Reading Room fixture, Meeting Room fixture, Living Room & Bedroom fixture etc. 1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY
  • – Best Gift for Your Grandpa&Grandma: With remote controller, you could turn the bulb ON/OFF in bed at night. Never Stumble When You Get Up, very useful and excellent gift especially for your grandpa, grandma, children or disable people

Memory function

This feature makes the device amazingly good. Thanks to the memory function, your Elecwish device will remember and restore itself to the last lighting mode it were before you turned it off. To retain memory, remember to switch off the lighting using the power button on the remote controller. Using the wall switch will power reset everything.


  • Has a good design and lighting system that supports up to six colors
  • Pretty much affordable and comes with free shipping once you make your order.
  • You can be able to remotely control your lights up to 100-meter distance thereby minimizing your movements more so in the dark.
  • Impressive installation options. It can fit on the ceiling, in your bedside lamp or even on some chandeliers
  • Multiple bulb control from a single remote


  • The bulb won’t connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth hence the remote is your only control
  • The fast-dial night mode might be too bright for your liking


Elecwish 24W 12-inch Smart LED Ceiling Light Flushmount 1920 lumens (150W incandescent equivalent) Wireless Remote Control Ceiling Fixture Stepless Dimming Optical Acrylic Cover is a must-have fixture in any smart home living space. Asides from complementing your décor with the right lighting moods for the occasion they too step up to play a bigger role. With this fixture installed in your bedroom, you will be able to control all the lighting system from the comfort of your bed. The remote control feature also makes it a smart move to have more so if you are physically disabled.


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