E-Diffuser Smart Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Review

E-Diffuser Smart Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser ReviewAromatherapy has many benefits including the ability to reduce pain, induce sleep, eliminate anxiety, and speed up the healing process.

When using essential oils in aromatherapy, you will need a good diffuser to release into the air the sweet aroma with medicinal properties.

E-Diffuser Smart Aroma is one of those to check out if you are planning on getting a diffuser. It is an advanced diffuser that not only releases essential oils into the air, but also has additional features including an app timer set that will automatically switch on the diffuser every morning when you wake up.

It can be used in your bedroom, office, yoga room, or the baby’s room.


The simplicity and elegance of the E-Diffuser Smart Aroma is what makes it appealing to the eye. Although designed from cheap plastic, the diffuser features an excellent shape that narrows as you move towards the top. It has two buttons with one for operating the diffuser and the other for adjusting the light.

Beautiful Lighting

If the beautiful design impressed you, then you will love the E-Diffuser even further when it shines in 7 different colors interchangeably during the night. It can shine in a solid color or random pattern where it goes through all the 7 colors before beginning the cycle again.


Using the Smart Aroma E-Diffuser is pretty easy. Simply unscrew the base to add water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Replace the top section and screw until tight before you connecting it to the power source and put it on.

The diffuser has a 100ml storage tank which is big enough for a considerable amount or water and essential oils. When filled, you can expect the diffuser to completely atomize all your essential oils and diffuse the fragrance in to the air in about 4-5 hours.

Among the smart features you should expect include; Bluetooth capability, wireless connection, auto shutoff, and high vibration frequency. These features work in one way or another to enhance the performance of the E-Diffuser as well as for convenience purposes. These functions are well documented in this review.

The smartphone application enables you to change the diffuser’s settings remotely as well as adjust the lighting colors. When changing settings through the app, the diffuser tends to produce some annoying sound which is not impressive especially at night when you are


  • It is extremely quiet during operation, allowing you to relax or sleep peacefully
  • Has Bluetooth and wireless capability for remote controlling
  • Features a beautiful all-round design
  • Has an app timer set that wakes you up to a sweet aroma
  • It glows in 7 different colors


  • Made from cheap plastic
  • At 4-5 hours, the diffuser lasts for short time on a full water tank than many of its competitors


The E-Diffuser Smart Aroma is a functional diffuser that does a good job at diffusing water or essential oils leaving your home peaceful and relaxing. Although it is not the best diffuser out there, a spot currently held by NexGadget essential oil diffuser based on the tests and reviews we have done, it does work pretty well. The beautiful glow and smart features further enhance its capability. In addition, it is easy to set up and use.


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