Dyson V6 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson V6 Absolute


Versatility & Reliability


Ease of Use


Spot Suction Power


Performance & Efficiency


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  • Different cleaner heads for different use cases
  • Powerful motor offering decent suction power for spot cleaning
  • Convenient easy to use docking and charging station
  • 20 minute run time more than enough for fast cleaning


  • Will have trouble picking up huge bits of dirt (just good for spot cleaning)
  • Smart storage contain will need frequent emptying under heavy use
  • The brushes have trouble dealing with pet hair

Vacuuming isn’t everyone’s favorite job. The dangling cord, the steady hum of the motor and bulky feel of standard vacuum cleaners make it even less pleasant. The desire to do away with the chore once and for all led to the development of robotic vacuum cleaners.

dyson v6 absolute reviews

The problem is, though intelligent, they might not be as powerful as we want them to be. They can’t vacuum the upholstery or go up the stairs. The cordless stick vacuum is a better alternative that gives you a reason to smile whenever you vacuum. The Dyson V6 Absolute combines power and usability to give you one impressive piece that will work perfectly on the hardwood floor, those fluffy rugs and your upholstery.

At A Glance

The Dyson V6 Absolute is your regular stick vacuum. The motor, dustbin and filter sit in a compact core that fits into your arm while a long red tubes connects the engine to the cleaning head. A trigger below the grip is all you need to get the vacuum cleaner working.

With most of the weight on your hand, you can maneuver the vacuum head better and faster, giving you a more rewarding feel when trying to reach all those tricky spots. You can swap out the heads in favor of a direct-drive cleaner head or a soft roller cleaner head depending on what kind of surface you are tackling. Detaching the head is easy thanks to the highly visible release buttons near the joint.

If you want to turn this into a portable car vacuum, you can ditch the ‘stick’ and snap the cleaning head straight to the core in what Dyson calls ‘handheld mode.’

Is it Efficient?

Anyone buying a cordless vacuum will be interested in a perfect balance between power, efficiency and usability. The Dyson V6 Absolute doesn’t really disappoint in any of these dockets.

There is no cord to drag around or restrict your cleaning. That’s a huge plus when accessing tricky places like the ceiling or far flung corners. Once you depress the trigger, all the battery power will be dedicated to actual cleaning and the Dyson boasts of 20 minutes of fade free cleaning. You will get maximum power for 20 minutes before the battery goes flat.dyson v6 charging dock

In these 20 minutes, you can use the soft roller cleaner head to vacuum up hard floors. The spinning brush is good on sizable and fine debris. You might, however, have trouble picking up huge junks of dirt. The brush will just knock them away without sucking anything up.

If you are dealing with pet hair or vacuuming carpets and upholstery, you will want to snap in the Direct-Drive cleaner head. This head has synthetic bristles that burrow deeper into the fabric to pull the dirt house. An extra motor on this head gives you up to 75 percent more power for better cleaning.

The Dyson V6 Absolute Feels Natural in Even the Weirdest Positions

The perfect weight balance you get on all Dyson stick model vacuums make them ideal for reaching the weirdest cleaning angles. The walls, the ceiling, under the stairs. Name it. You can easily lift and twist the entire thing, a freedom you won’t get from upright vacuums or the sneaky robot vacuums that are only good for level surfaces.

A Complete HEPA Filtration System for Allergy Friendly Operation

A 2-Tier radial cyclone and post motor filter takes care of all the dirt. The HEPA certified filters and closed design means that all the air leaves vacuum cleaner that what we normally breath hence reducing the chances of allergic or asthmatic attacks during and after cleaning.

The compact design makes it a bit hard to fix damaged parts unless they are part of the modular assembly units. Any part that can snap onto another or the battery is easily replaceable. When your Dyson V6 won’t turn on, you better hope that the problem doesn’t go deeper than this.

The Advantages

  • Different cleaner heads adapted to work best on different surfaces
  • Decent suction power that makes it ideal for spot cleaning
  • Light and easy to move around the house with no cables to worry about

The Disadvantages

  • You might have to clean pet hair off the brushes more often. They tend to stick on the bristles
  • Very large particles will be a bother and you will have to bring out the big vacuum to take care of everything

Bottom Line

The Dyson V6 Absolute is a great way to handle spot cleaning regardless of where the dirt is. It is stronger than a robotic vacuum and easier to handle than a full-size vacuum. It’s capabilities sit at the very center of these two. It is a great find with sufficient cleaning power, an easy to handle dust bin at an acceptable price tag.

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