Revamp Your Interior Design with the Demetory Smart Speaker Light Bulb

Art comes in different forms. Provided you are creative and have an imaginative mind, you can revamp the interior of your house without the help of a professional. In this case, you only need to acquire a speaker bulb. At this point, you may have to consider the variety of Bluetooth speakers with lights. However, the Demetory smart speaker light bulb is a decent choice. Here are the reasons why buying this led Bluetooth speaker would be a good bargain.

First Impression

Given the visual effect this light speaker brings about, it would be hard to ignore its design. The first thing I noted is the size. Although a little bit larger than most LED bulbs, this smart speaker light bulb is a subtle combination of a speaker and light bulb.

You will find it easy to screw the bulb onto most bulb fixtures. As a result, it will save you from having to purchase extra accessories in the form of adapters that other types of Bluetooth speaker lamps like the Playbulb require. After screwing up the bulb you will be ready to go.

How the Demetory Smart Speaker Works

The best way to have an hands-on experience with this LED decorative bulb is to go through its features. Here are the features and functionality of the bulb.

Desirable Design: Clearly, this gadget is an audio speaker fused with a LED bulb. Its stylish design lets you control the volume of the speaker and brightness of the bulb independently. To make the controls more convenient than the common bulbs, this Bluetooth-powered speaker bulb has an app. The app runs on both Android and iOS devices.

Easy to Operate: As mentioned, you can easily plug in the bulb to get started. After powering this audio speaker bulb, it easily connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth. Thanks to this device pairing, users can have control over music playing, volume, and light brightness. The mobile app gives additional control options like choosing different colors and flashing frequency.

Smart Function: Thanks to the app and what it offers, users get the chance to customize how the wireless speaker bulb works. For instance, the digital timer functionality allows you to set an alarm for waking you up while playing your song of choice.

At the same time, this Bluetooth speaker bulb screws easily to most desk lamps. Such ease of use goes a long way in allowing you to have a visual ambiance from its powerful lighting system. This lighting system can let you change the light to suit the mood in different rooms in the house through flashing, normal, rainbow, and pulse bluetooth light speakers


  • This speaker light bulb presents compatibility. It allows you to easily screw it to most bulb fixtures at home.
  • After purchasing the speaker lamp, you will find a manual as part of the package. In this case, the manual will only help to further simplify the process of setting up and using the bulb.
  • Its 9-watt power rating means minimal power consumption.


  • Less powerful speaker: This downside would mainly come into play when you are a sound enthusiast who is keen on every detail like the sound range and bass depth. As such, you may have to settle for a pricier option like the Sengled Pulse.
  • It is less bright compared to other LED and LED speaker bulbs. A fair comparison is the OttLite floor lamp that packs more wattage and extra brightness for less eye strain.


Adding a Bluetooth speaker with inbuilt LED bulb is a super easy way to revamp the interior of your house. Given how the bulb is compatible with most fixtures, it should be easy to use it in most rooms like bedroom and bathroom. Thanks to the controls and customization that come with the bulb through its Bluetooth connectivity and mobile app, setting up the appropriate brightness level and color system to suit the mood should be easy.

STYLISH 2 IN 1 DESIGN: Combines LED light and Bluetooth audio speaker. App is available for both iOS and Android devices.;

E27/E26 LAMP BASE: Easy to operate, just plug in and connect via Bluetooth. Light brightness, Bluetooth on-off, music play & stop and music volume are adjustable controlled by cell phone APP.

POWERFUL LIGHTING SYSTEM: Normal, Rainbow, Pulse, Flashing, Candle and Music Rhythm mood type mode; 7 main colors-over 16 million supported colors plus warm and cool white.;

SMART FUNCTION: Unique digital timer mode helps you turn off the bulb at night. And wake you up with your favorite color and love song. Shake your phone for random color, close/open light, play/pause or next song at your favorite.; Wireless Bluetooth LED bulb speaker’ transmission range can be up to 10 meters. Pure digital technologies, provides the purity and clarity of music to you. Demetory Smart Bluetooth Music Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Lamp E26 E27 Stereo Surround Sound LED Light Bulb Speaker (White)

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