5 Cool Gadgets That Will Help Improve Your Sleep

Quality sleep is integral since it improves your physical health, mental health, safety, and quality of life. However, many people often find it difficult to catch sleep or maintain a healthy sleeping pattern. As a result, the effects of sleep deficiency carry on throughout the day leading to tragic effects sometimes.

If you are struggling to catch sleep or maintain a good sleeping pattern, you need the following gadgets not only to maintain a good sleeping pattern for maximum relaxation but also wake up feeling jovial and ready to tackle the day.

  1. Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker

Fitbit One Wireless ActivityThe Fitbit One sleep tracker is a multifunctional device that provides an intuitive way to monitor and analyze your sleeping patterns, calories burned, and stairs climbed. This small and portable device features an OLED screen with a bright display that is easy to view even in the dark.

With the Fitbit One, you will easily track the amount of time spent sleeping and the wakeful interruptions you experienced overnight. To track your sleeping pattern, you have to remove Fitbit One from its sheath and place it on a soft cloth strap that is designed specifically for use during the night. Remember to hold down the buttons to activate sleep tracking before you sleep.

In addition to tracking how long and how well you sleep, the Fitbit One Sleep Tracker can also wake you up with a silent alarm without interfering with your partner. It also collects data during your sleep and syncs it with your computer and smartphone via Bluetooth to enable you set goals and monitor your progress.

  1. BedJet V2 Climate Comfort

bedjet cooling and heatingBedJet V2 is a bed heating and cooling device designed to work for any bed size. When in use, this bed fan and heater brings about a sleep inducing biorhythm temperature technology that can help you sleep faster, stay asleep for longer, and wake up feeling refreshed.

With custom heating and cooling profiles, you can preset the temperatures for every hour of the night. So instead of having to cope with a noisy alarm, why not create a perfect temperature for waking up? This way, the BedJet V2 heating and cooling device will gently wake you up without startling you the way most alarms do.

This Climate Comfort is useful in a broad number of ways. It saves you heating bills since you will only be heating the bed and not the whole room. The gadget doesn’t need wires and connections to electricity when in use, which makes it one of the safest bed heaters.

One interesting feature about the Bedjet V2 climate comfort is that it has a dual-zone temperature upgrade that is available for heating and cooling each half side of the bed. You won’t get cold feet in your home when you use BedJet V2 and BedJet V2 Mini.

  1. Sound+Sleep Therapy System

 sound+sleep therapy systemThe Sound+Sleep Therapy System from Adaptive technologies instantly masks out any disruptive noise letting you enjoy quality sleep with sounds that help relax your mind. The gadget comes with more than ten natural sound stories that are taken from natural environments. You can also choose to listen to the non-repeating unique fan and white noise sounds.

This device comes with the Adaptive Sound Technology that adjusts automatically based on the ambient noise in the environment to create a noise canceling effect giving you the best listening experience. You can add layers of audio for more enhanced and immersive sound profile. In addition, it comes with a sleep timer that enables you to set your Sound+Sleep to power off once you have slept.

  1. Dodow

Dodow is a metronome that has a light system that easily teaches you how to fall asleep naturally without you having to rely on medication. The device works on the principle that a low breathing rate enables you to sleep faster than a high rate. It, therefore, progressively reduces you breathing rate to about 6 breaths a minute making your body relax and inducing sleep.

When sleeping, you should place Dodow within reach and tap on it once to trigger an 8-minute mode or twice to trigger a 20-minute mode. When tapped, the device will light up a section of your ceiling and concentrate on that light will give you a hypnotic effect. According to the developers, this device has helped more than 60,000 people and it is capable of reducing time it takes for you to catch sleep from 60 minutes to less than 25 minutes. If it has worked for so many people, it will definitely work to help you improve your sleeping pattern.

  1. Withings Aura Smart Sleep System

Withings Aura sleeping systemWithings Aura helps you improve transitions into and out of sleep by providing a combination of sound and light effects. Its sunset lighting helps you relax as you drift into sleep while the Smart Wake Up light helps you wake up at the best time in your sleeping cycle feeling rested.

This beautifully designed system features a dedicated Sleep and Wakeup program that emits red wavelengths, during sleep time, that are scientifically proven to induce sleep.

Withings Aura works using a contact-free sensor that is tucked under the mattress and active light and sound device that you should place near the bedside. It also comes with a smartphone app, enabling you to view the results of your sleeping patterns. In addition to helping you sleep better, the device presents you with data on its app that is essential for you to understand your sleep and adjust where necessary to improve its quality.


The above devices will help you cut down the time between the moment you get to bed and when you sleep. Using them on a daily basis enables you to sleep longer and better and wake up feeling fresh. Your sleeping patterns are also monitored and this data will help you make the necessary adjustments needed to enjoy quality sleep.

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