Black and Decker Lithium Hand Vacuum HNV115J06 Review


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  • Small, portable and easy to use with one hand


  • Body made of flimsy plastic that isn't so durable
  • The suction power is low making it only good for light cleaning

Hand Vacuum HNV115J06A light handheld vacuum is a perfect tool for reaching into those tight corners or doing a fast cleaning run without bringing in the big guns. The compact weight and inbuilt battery makes them perfect on car vacuum cleaners and are also practical on other highly mobile applications. The Black and Decker lithium hand vacuum gives you the right blend of portability and power for these applications.

Design and Appearance

Black and Decker focused on lightness when designing and building the handheld HNV115J06 vacuum. A short straight handle with the operation button to snugly sit into your arm, a bulge to contain the battery and most of the machinery and a translucent front tapered to the nozzle. That’s pretty much all there is to the Black and Decker lithium hand vacuum.

The translucent front contains an easy to remove dirt bowl and filter both of which are easy to inspect and clean. The fact that everything is made of otherwise flimsy plastic makes the vacuum rather delicate. It will crack or disintegrate if you force the parts open or accidentally drop it.

Operation and Efficiency

You will find this handheld vacuum clean a nuisance if you use it for the wrong kind of work. It’s size and suction power makes it appropriate for tiny crisis management tasks. Breadcrumbs on the floor after breakfast, some localized dust from a dirty boot. And so forth.

If used to do what it is best at, Black and Decker lithium hand vacuum HNV115J06 is an efficient tool. It is, however, underpowered and too tiny for regular vacuuming tasks that cover the whole house. For this, you might have to stick with regular vacuum cleaners or buy a robotic cleaner that runs in the background as you handle other chores.


  • Small and portable hence can be used in the house or out in the car
  • The small form factor makes it perfect for reaching into tight spots
  • Long life lithium battery for more cleaning runs before recharging
  • The translucent washable dirt bowl is easy to monitor and clean


  • The flimsy plastic material can easily break if mishandled
  • Its suction power might be strong enough for stubborn dirt or to work on fluffy carpets

The Black and Decker lithium hand vacuum HNV115J06 is a perfect companion that will come in handy whenever you don’t want to bring out the big guns for a small mess. Its portability will let it double up as your car vacuum hence giving you more bang for your bucks.

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