Best Wireless Meat Thermometer for Barbecues

A good electric or propane barbecue grill might be the main tool to a perfect bbq party – if you are a highly skilled grill master. Most barbecues will, however, never end well if you don’t have a smart meat thermometer to monitor your grill and ensure that the meat cooks evenly at the right temperature. A good wireless meat thermometer lets you keep a keen eye on the barbecue without having to slave over the hot grill all afternoon with grill mitts and a pair of tongs.

How Do Wireless Meat Thermometers Work?

Many of the wireless meat thermometers I will address in this review have a probe you insert into the meat and a processing unit that takes the temperatures before transmitting them to a receiver that doubles up as the controller, your smartphone, iPad or even laptop.

The stainless steel probes have a temperature sensor and extension cable that is strong enough to withstand the bbq grill heat meaning that it can conterminously monitor your cooking temperatures throughout the grilling process. Apart from this, the best wireless meat thermometers will also have a timer or temperature triggered alarm that will alert you of undesired temperatures or that perfect cook you are looking for.

Top Wireless Meat Thermometer Reviews

ThermoPro TP07

thermopro tp07 meat thermometerThe ThermoPro TP07 remote wireless digital meat thermometer is a true definition of freedom thanks to its 300 feet range. The high-quality sensors give you tight control over your temperatures with the ability to monitor anything between 16F and 482F with a commendable +/- 1.5F accuracy.

All your readings and controls display on the LCD screen with a clever backlight that will keep the party going even at night. The temperature sensors sit at the very end of a 6.5” stainless steel mesh cable that keep the bright orange and black main unit a distance from the action.

You won’t get a mobile device app but you can control everything from the remote controller and you even get the freedom to use some of the programmed temperature presets for popular foods like Veal, beef, fish, pork and poultry.


Inkbird Digital Meat Thermometer (IBT-2X)

Inkbird Digital Meat Thermometer IBT-2XThe Inkbird Digital Meat Thermometer IBT-2X Bluetooth Wireless with Two Stainless Probe is a smart cooking device designed to make cooking and Barbecue grilling easy and convenient. With excellent craftsmanship, this cooker will ensure you enjoy great Barbecue with family and friends many years to come.

A Bluetooth wireless connection lets you monitor your food from a distance using a free App available on Android or iOS. You can use the app or the buttons and ample LCD screen on the IBT-2X to configure a target temperature and an alarm that will trigger once the meat holds that temperature for a while. All the temperature readings are handled by dual stainless steel probes that are not only ideal for the high temperatures but also the right material to stick into your meat without the risk of contamination.

The Inkbird IBT 2X Bluetooth thermometer runs on batteries making it ideal for portable grills and other activities outside the house. The decent battery life means that you rarely will have to worry about low battery warnings in the middle of the grilling process.


Ivation Long Range Wireless Thermometer

ivation long range wireless thermometerOf all the wireless meat thermometers reviewed, the Ivation is by far the best looking. The glossy white and black finish on both the sensor transmitter and receiver and a subtle antenna makes this device look powerful and impressive.

The long range receiver (300 feet) has an LCD screen to monitor temperature and recessed buttons to monitor settings and countdowns. The LCD screen has a backlight that either flashes when the timer is up or stays on to make night time readings possible.

Apart from seeking a specific temperature, you will also get a warning when the meat temperatures fall or raise too much above the ideal, an indicator that there is something wrong with the grill, smoker or oven. The food probe can go into up to 6 inches of meat and can withstand up to 716F, which is more than you will ever need when grilling your meat. The transmitter and receiver each need 2 AAA batteries to work.

What to Look for in a Wireless Thermometer

A good wireless meat thermometer for your grill should be tough and resilient. In most cases, the thermometer can double up as a wireless meat thermometer for a smoker or your oven.

An Acceptable Roaming Range

The right wireless meat thermometer should let you roam and socialize while keeping an eye on the meet. Most of the Bluetooth models will give you a decent 10 meter range that is ideal for small pool parties. If you are looking for a wider range, you might have to look into Wi-Fi wireless meat thermometers.

Sensitivity and Reliability

The best thermometer will not only let you monitor temperatures remotely but also give you accurate and reliable readings. While you might not need sous vide like accuracy, you will still need a temperature report you can count on. A long and versatile probe that goes deep into the meat and high quality sensors will work hand in hand with accurate algorithms to achieve this. The more the temperature sensor probes the better since you can monitor meat temperatures from different points.

Versatile and Easy to Maintain

You will have to clean your thermometer after cooking it. Think of how resilient the steel probes are and how easy it is to maintain everything. Things like battery life, whether the thermometer is rechargeable and how it can resit normal stress like high temperatures if the control unit sits close to the bbq grill are crucial factors. You will want a wireless meat thermometer that will stick around for a while.

Additional Features

Additional factors include monitoring for how long the meat grills at a specific temperature and a timer to tell you how much longer you’ve got until the meat cooks to your preferred finish. This is ideal if you are following those exotic barbecue recipes that focus on temperature.


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