Best Warm Mist Humidifier 2018 -Buying Guide

Lack of adequate air moisture is a common phenomenon during the winter season. Heating up your home during this season only worsens the problem by making air dryer. Dry air does harm your respiratory system and is likely to worsen any existing medical conditions. It dries out your nasal passage as well as your skin. In addition, it causes thirst and coughing fits soon after waking up. Furthermore, dry air also damages your furniture. Given all these problems, it would be prudent for you to invest in the best warm mist humidifier.

There are three types of humidifiers available. These include warm mist humidifiers, cool mist humidifiers and ultrasonic humidifiers. Ultrasonic humidifiers feature both cool and warm mist types. Cool mist humidifiers disperse cold mist into the air at room temperature to increase the humidity level in your home. Here, we are going to provide a comprehensive round up and leave it up to you to select the best warm mist humidifier of your choice.

Benefits of Warm Mist Humidifiers

Warm mist humidifiers work by releasing moisture-filled mist after warming or boiling water using a heating element. Some benefits that come with warm mist humidifiers include:

  • It is the healthiest option since it kills germs during the heating process
  • Warm mist humidifiers are capable to collect minerals that may be left over after heating water
  • Filters of these devices rarely need replacement
  • Warm mist humidifiers work well during the cold season as they can raise the temperature a bit
  • They are the perfect choice for office or bedroom settings since they produce minimal noise
  • They are applicable in the medical field for example in aromatherapy
  • Warm humidifiers come in small compact sizes making them portable 

If you have children, it would be best to use cool mist humidifiers instead. This option is much safer because children may burn if they touch warm humidifiers. Also, it is safe to sleep with your humidifier on regardless of whether it is the warm or cool version. Doing so makes you sleep better as it improves the quality of air in your room.

What To Look For When Buying A Humidifier

While there are many humidifier brands and models out there, all aren’t created equal:

Type of humidifier

There are many different types of humidifiers in the market nowadays. While each propels moist air into your home, they do it quite differently. You must understand how these units work before you choose one. They include impeller, ultrasonic, evaporative, and warm mist humidifiers.

Warm mist or cool mist

Warm mist humidifiers are best for those who have flu or cold. They are also the ideal type of humidifier for asthmatics since they boil water killing germs in the process before releasing warm mist. Warm mist humidifiers are also ideal during the winter. On the other hand, cool mist humidifiers are easier to clean and have a high moisture output.

Germicidal measures

Standing water can breed mold and bacteria which can be inhaled when released into the air. Your ideal humidifier should have a filter to prevent possible health hazards from dispersed germs and bacteria.


Do you need multiple room humidifiers or a whole house humidifier? Your choice should depend on the size of your house and the budget since humidifiers are only meant for rooms people use frequently.


Some humidifiers have a large water capacity than others. The larger the capacity the less frequently you will have to refill it. However, a bigger capacity also means more space and more difficulty in maintenance.

8 Best Warm Mist Humidifiers for Your Home or Office

The humidifiers discussed below are without doubt the best warm mist humidifiers you can invest in to improve air quality in your home or office.

Boneco 7135 Ultrasonic Humidifier -Best Overall

Boneco 7135 humidifier reviewThe Boneco 7135 humidifier employs the use of high frequency vibrations to convert water into micro-fine mist. Consequently, this process results in a more comfortable atmosphere in any room. The unit is quite powerful with the capability of converting 3.5 gallons of water within a day in a space of around 650 square feet. Therefore, it may be the best warm mist humidifier for the whole house. Setting up the humidifier is quite easy, you need to select the preheating function and the appliance emits mist at a pleasant temperature of 104 0F. The appliance comes with Auto-Mist Technology (AUTO), which tracks the temperature and adjusts the output accordingly depending on existing conditions. It also has a Hydro Cell. This component ensures your humidifier freshness is constant. The Boneco Ultrasonic Humidifier also features an interchangeable demineralization cartridge to ensure you get mist free of any mineral residue or lime scale.

This appliance has an ultra-quiet motor and a timer meaning you can sleep while it runs. The timer allows you to give a preset time for it to shut down automatically. Being an ultrasonic humidifier, Boneco is capable of emitting both warm and cool mist depending on user preferences. The Boneco 7135 humidifier is one of the best out there, but it also has its downside, most notably with the demineralization cartridge. If you do not replace it as regularly as required, it will turn your hard water into fine dust, which settles on furniture and other items around the house.


  • Has a humidistat to measure level of humidity
  • Germ protection
  • Energy efficiency with the AUTO feature
  • Large area coverage
  • Option of either warm or cool mist

  • A bit hard to clean. Although you won’t have to do it daily.

Bottom Line: Delivers an exceptional amount of humidity making it good enough for large rooms too.

Average Price: $$$

PureGuardian H4610 -High Humidity Output

PureGuardian H4610 humidifierThe H4610 is an ultrasonic humidifier that converts one and a half gallons of water into mist in 24 hours. This mist output is impressive making it ideal for large rooms of up to 650 square feet. In small rooms, you need to turn down the fan speed for optimal humidity. At the lowest output, the H4610 can run for several days without requiring a refill of its tank. The humidifier offers both warm and cool mist setting and the manufacturer recommends the latter setting if you have young children in your home to avoid burning accidents.

Other features include auto shutdown whenever the water levels are low and silent motor. With the latter feature, you would not have to worry about having it in your bedroom. This humidifier might be the best low noise humidifier in the market. The H4610’s night light allows you to adjust settings in the dark without having to turn on the main lights. Additional features include a double nozzle that sprays mist in two directions and a timer for automatic shutdown. The only downside of this humidifier is that it lacks a demineralization filter. So, expect to have fine dust particles from the ultrasonic operation accumulating on your furniture.


  • Immune to mildew and mold in the tank
  • Night light
  • Ultra-quiet motor
  • Auto shutdown timer
  • High humidity output

  • Lacks a dirt filter

Bottom Line: Comes with mold and mildew resistant tank so filters won’t be necessary. It is very quiet which makes it ideal for use during the night.

Average Price: $$$

Levoit LV600HH -Efficient and high performance

Levoit LV600HH humidifierThe LV600HH is a high performance 1.5-gallon humidifier at a fair price point. It features a self-regulating humidistat and packs enough power to service a large room. Also, with this model, you do not have to worry about water dripping from the ceiling due to condensation. The LV600HH tank is wide enough to allow easy scrubbing and the sonic agitator has a design that reduces the chances of mold or mildew hiding.

The standout feature of the LV600HH is the remote control, which enhances the appliance convenience. Besides the remote, the LV600HH features an LED display and a control panel that allows you to adjust mist settings, the timer, and humidity levels. The few setbacks that this model features such as generating white dust are common to other ultrasonic humidifiers too.


  • Convenient remote control
  • Easy to clean
  • Accurate humidistat
  • Powerful

  • Not very quiet

Bottom Line: A beautiful compact design with high efficient and performance. It comes with a remote for easy control right from your bed. Besides, it is reasonably priced.

Average Price: $$

Vicks V745A Warm Mist Humidifier  -Affordable

Vicks V745A humidifierYou are probably familiar with the Vicks brand if you suffer from persistent respiratory issues. Besides the respiratory drugs that they offer, they produce some of the best warm mist humidifiers in the market. The Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier has a water capacity of one gallon capable of emitting warm mist continuously for up to 12 hours. Like any other warm mist humidifier, this appliance kills around 95 percent of bacteria in the vapor adding to its health benefits. The Vicks humidifier is see-through making it easier for you to monitor the water levels.

With two different power settings (high and low), Vicks allows you set the correct mist level depending on the size of the room. This appliance also features ultra-quiet operation making it ideal for bedroom use and one of the best warm mist humidifiers for babies. If you need to move the humidifier from one room to another, it comes with a convenient handle to make transportation easy. The Vicks humidifiers has one concern though, it may raise the temperature to uncomfortable levels during warm seasons.


  • A couple of comfort settings
  • Shuts down automatically when water runs out
  • Features a medicine cup for treatment
  • Easy to move around rooms

  • Too warm during the summer
  • Not entirely noiseless

Bottom Line: The most inexpensive humidifier on this list. It will do a great job but only for small rooms.

Average Price: $$

Holmes HWM6008-NUM  -Huge capacity

Holmes HWM6008-NUM humidifier reviewThe HWM6008-NUM is a not so costly, yet quality humidifier. It is most effective during the winter season since it emits warm mist, which also raises room temperature. Furthermore, it kills most bacteria making the air good for you and your family. It also has two power settings (high and low) for you to adjust depending on comfort level or size of the room. With a 2.3-gallon tank, you can be sure of the humidifier running for up to 24 hours. This capacity minimized the number of refills required to keep the humidifier running.

When it comes to cleaning, the HWM6008-NUM is dishwasher safe and does not require replacement of the filter. As such, maintenance costs are relatively lower than that of humidifiers whose filters need replacement after some time. You need to empty the tank clean it at least once a week though for the humidifier to perform optimally. This procedure may seem hectic, but it is quite easy to perform especially if you do not use hard water. You also need to keep children away from the humidifier since it gets hot when converting water to mist.


  • Germ protection
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Minimal refills required
  • Easy maintenance

  • Requires regular maintenance

Bottom Line: A dishwasher safe that is easy to maintain and has a huge tank. Perfect if you want a humidifier you will refill less often.

Average Price: $$

Honeywell HWM705B -Easy to refill

Honeywell HWM705B humidifier reviewThe Honeywell HWM705B has a great design and has the capacity to output one gallon of moisture in every 24 hours. This output is enough to humidify up to 250 square feet. Honeywell HWM705B is also affordable and has a classical modifier look. It has a removable transparent tank with an opening on top for easy refilling. You do not require changing the filter meaning you cut down on maintenance costs. Honeywell’s small form factor renders it portable and ideal for placing on tables or on racks.

Special features of the Honeywell HWM705B include, auto shutdown when water runs out, and two power settings. Additional features include a medicine cup for aromatherapy, refill alert light, illuminated power switch, and a manual control knob. For a warm mist humidifier, Honeywell HWM705B is quiet. It makes produces noise when the water boils and as air moves into the reservoir tank as the water level dwindles. The humidifier has a clever design that blocks out most of this noise from reaching your room. Honeywell’s large tank means you would not have to refill it many times. The only maintenance you may require is occasional cleaning, which is an easy task.


  • Easy to refill
  • Refill light
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Classic design

  • Bubbling sound
  • It needs to cool down before refilling

Bottom Line: A very simple warm mist humidifier that is easy to use. However, it produces a bubbling sound which is not ideal when you want to catch some sleep.

Average Price: $$

Vornado EV100 -Very Quiet

Vornado EV100 humidifierThe EV100 promises natural humidification of rooms of up to 300 square feet. It has a one-gallon tank, which is enough to run the appliance for around 24 hours. The humidifier disperses mist into the air using Vornado’s Vortex Action technology. This technology allows the EV100 to generate a stream of air, which it disperses throughout the surrounding space for balance and consistency.

Also, the EV100 has a transparent reservoir so that you can check water levels and determine whether the removable tank requires cleaning. The EV100 features electronic controls and LED indicator lights that aid in interacting with various settings. You can set the EV100 to auto mode and eliminate the need of constantly adjusting the levels. It also features a mineral cartridge to minimize accumulation of white dust on the transducer.


  • Mineral cartridge included
  • Features a humidistat
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Features both warm and cool mist options
  • Germ protection

  • Covers a small area compared to many other humidifiers

Bottom Line: The Vornado EV100 is not just beautiful, but also provides excellent germ protection. It is more effective in small and medium rooms.

Average Price: $$

Luma Comfort HCW10B -Best Compact Design

Luma Comfort HCW10B humidifierThe Luma Comfort HCW10B stands out with its beautiful design, which also works to make your room look cool. It provides both warm and cool mist and works around your preset humidity level using its built-in humidistat. The HCW10B comes with a demineralization cartridge that softens hard water before converting it to mist. Other features include a 12-hour adjustable timer, and an easy-to-clean tank that is resistant to bacteria.

This humidifier covers a range of a range of 538 square feet. Also, the HCW10B has the capacity to operate continuously for 20 hours per tank fill. The tank is also removable making cleaning easier. Like many other ultrasonic humidifiers, the HCW10B also has demineralization cartridge that prevents mineral build up and a legible LED display. It also shares the challenge of white dust generation if you use hard water.


  • Ultra-quiet
  • Beautiful design
  • Inbuilt humidistat
  • Removable antibacterial tank
  • Large coverage area

  • A bit expensive

Bottom Line: Very beautiful and compact design that can fit in corners. It is also very quiet and comes with a large tank

Average Price: $$


All the humidifiers in this list are provide an exceptional job considering various factors such as ease of maintenance, price, capacity, and coverage. However, if you are looking for the top product that you can rely on, the Boneco 7135 is the best warm mist humidifier you can get. This is a close call though because the other appliances also feature impressive capabilities. It all depends on your personal preferences and what feature appeals to you most.


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