Best Touchless Soap Dispenser -2018 Buyer’s Guide

It is a known fact that you can collect lots of germs when engaging in one of the most hygienic exercises – washing hands. A single touch is all it takes for harmful bacteria and other disease-causing pathogens to be transmitted to your hands, and eventually into your body.

Fortunately, you can prevent all that by acquiring the best touchless soap dispenser available on the market for use in your home or office. These products are guaranteed to take your liquid soap usage to a whole new level.

Be it in the kitchen or bathroom, you just have to place your hand under the automatic soap dispenser for it work. Having done lots of research and tested these products, I have compiled a list of the best auto dispensers for liquid soap.

These products not only limit the spread of bacteria, but they also enable efficiency by reducing soap wastage unlike a manual soap pump.

Top Rated Sensor Soap Dispenser

Glamfields soap dispenser  -Best overall

Glamfields automatic soap dispenserThis hand soap dispenser from Glamfields is very efficient in its performance. One swipe under the dispenser is all it takes for the sensor to detect your hand.

You will definitely enjoy the Japanese intelligent motion infra-red sensor that is anti-aging and will only be activated when needed. With this device, you will definitely forget soap spillage and other inconveniences that come with manual soap dispensers.

Known for its durability and stability, Glamfields can work approximately 15000 times without any issues. It uses AAA-level anti-leakage and waterproof technology which prevents soap or water from corroding its circuit board.

With a 9.56oz capacity refill tank, it will be a while before you run out of liquid soap. Furthermore, you can adjust the soap liquid volume to four different levels by pressing + or – button once for each level. There are no drippings or trailing when the soap comes out of the dispenser.


  • Durable –it is made from tough material and its underlying technology is reliable.
  • Can be used to dispense both shampoo and lotion
  • It has a sensor range of 0-6cm

  • Its price may be out of reach to some

Bottom Line: This Glamfields soap dispenser is a combination of excellent technology, unmatched functionality, and unrivaled efficiency. It is perfect for use on the kitchen sink and is safe for children too.

Average Price: $$

Secura soap dispenser -Best value for money

Secura touchless soap dispenserSecura sensor soap dispenser comes with a built-in infrared technology that detects your hand from as far as 2.75 inches. This dispenser comes in chrome and black finishes which serve to accentuate most kitchen and bathroom themes.

When you first purchase this soap dispenser, you have the option of adjusting the volume of soap being released from between 0.03-0.19 oz. per activation. This helps to curb soap wastage. Unlike normal soap dispensers, it will take quite some time to exhaust it’s 17 Oz tank.

You can either wall mount this hand soap dispenser or place it on the counter top. Its water-resistant quality also means that you wouldn’t have to worry about any corrosion issues. The base of the dispenser has a battery compartment with a silicon seal to protect 4 “AA” batteries that are necessary for powering the product.


  •  Adjustable soap volume
  • Affordable
  • Water-resistant –Water won’t sip into the battery compartment

  • Thicker soap might give this device problems during dispensing

Bottom Line:  If you would love a unit with a transparent tank for you to be able to see colorful soap, then this Secura soap dispenser is definitely the best you can get. It also costs less than many other units on this list.

Average Price: $$

Sunsbell automatic liquid soap dispenser -Best for busy places

Sunsbell touch-free liquid soap dispenserThis dispenser from Sunsbell comes with several useful features meant to make your handwashing exercise easy and infection-free. To start with, this automatic dispenser has a built-in super sensitive red radiation sensor which activates when you place your hand under the system.

It is a very efficient product for that helps you avoid harmful bacteria effectively. It also has a non-drip design to curb messy drips, and a wide opening for fast and easy refill. For the dispenser to work, you will have to install 4*1.5V AA batteries to power it up.

You can install the automatic touchless hand soap dispenser Sunsbell in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and hotels too. However, during installation remember to keep at least 50 cm of free space under the sensor system.

With a 24-month warranty, and 90-day refund or replace, you have very little to worry about.


  • Long warranty which shows how much the manufacturer trusts the product
  • It is easy to use a dispenses soap seamlessly even after prolonged use.
  • It can hold a lot of soap

  • Would not dispense thick soap easily

Bottom Line: This Sunsbell unit is easy to mount and its design ensures that it takes less space. The sensor works exceptionally well and it doesn’t spill soap.

Average Price: $$

Simpleone touchless soap dispenser -Best dispensing technology

Simpleone no-touch soap dispenserSimpleone automatic touchless soap dispenser would fit perfectly in any bathroom or kitchen. Its sensor mechanism is fast enough to detect your hand under the dispenser and immediately pumps the right volume of soap. There are no messy spills because the dispensing valve cuts off the flow right after pumping.

This new design of hands-free soap dispenser is extremely energy efficient. It uses 4 AAA alkaline batteries, which when well maintained are guaranteed to last a whole year.

It is fairly easy to setup, use, and refill the Simpleone automatic hand soap dispenser. When the soap is over, you can save on costs by refilling with a liquid soap of your choice. Better still, you can turn it into a shampoo or hand sanitizer dispenser. With this dispenser in place, you will never have to worry about your family and guests contacting germs from soap pumps or bar soaps.

The product requires very little maintenance and holds a large capacity of soap, hence won’t require a refill for some time.


  • Hassle-free refill
  • No messy drips or clogs

  • No controls for liquid volume

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a consistent dispenser, then this Simpleton unit is one of the best you can get. It looks fine, works great, and comes at a good price.

Average Price: $$

SVINZ touch-free soap dispenser

SVINZ touchless soap dispenserOne of the first things you will notice about Svinz touchless automatic soap dispenser is that it has a liquid soap capacity of 15 oz. This is double the capacity of most of the other dispensers, therefore, you won’t have to refill as much.

Its hands-free infrared sensor is always quick to signal the pump to dispense soap whenever your hand is detected under the dispenser. Activation is always quick and consistent in precisely 0.5 seconds. Depending on your soap needs, you can adjust the volume dispensed to either one of the two levels available.

Apart from being a liquid hand washing soap dispenser, Svinz can also be used to dispense hand sanitizer, hand lotion, laundry, or dish detergent. Its stylish modern design can fit almost anywhere.

The product has been constructed from premium quality materials only, and operates on 4 alkaline AAA batteries that can serve you for an entire year before you consider replacing them. Through the frosted reservoir, you can keep tabs on the amount of liquid remaining to help you figure out when it’s time to refill or budget for new soap.


  • Comes with a 15 Oz tank which holds a lot of soap
  • Easy to refill

  • May not work well with heavy liquid soap

Bottom Line:  Svinz created a reliable product that guarantees no accidental dispenses. It is sturdy and beautiful in addition to being easy to clean.

Average Price: $$

Yooap adjustable dispenser -Best design

Yooap auto liquid dispenserThe Yooap touchless hand-free soap dispenser has an in-built infrared motion and PIR sensor detection technology that is very accurate in detecting your hand under the nozzle. You get to control the foam soap to be pumped by pressing the top button for 1 second and letting go.

The light will flash once for level 1 (0.6ml) and twice for level 2 (1.2ml). By the time the entire 480ml of liquid soap in the dispenser is depleted, you and your family would have accomplished a total of 830 hand washes. Refilling is easy, fast, and without any mess, thanks to the dispenser’s wide opening.

Apart from liquid soap, this foaming soap dispenser can also be used with hand sanitizer, dish detergent, shampoo, and hand lotion.

If you are installing in the kitchen or bathroom, you have the option of wall-mounting or placing on the table top. It has a water-proof base that keeps it safe from rust and the batteries from water damage.


  • Has a no-drip valve
  • The base is water-proof
  • Has a soap dispense rate control button

  • Requires thin liquid soap to work well

Bottom Line: While this product from Yooap might be a bit pricey than the other items on this list, it does offer a smart dispensing approach that ensures soap comes out better than many other dispensers. It is also beautifully designed in a way that won’t mess your home décor.

Average Price: $$

Alpine wall-mountable dispenser -Best wall-mountable

Alpine wall-mountable soap dispenserAlpine Wall Mountable, Touchless, Universal Liquid Soap Dispenser can work with a good number of free-flowing, all-purpose liquid soap.

It is a very reliable touch-free sensor soap dispenser that saves you from unhygienic practices.

Built with durable ABS plastic construction that is resistant to chemical, heat and impact, you can bet the product is able to last a long time. Its efficiency is also very significant.

For starters, leaking valves are non-existent with this product, and you do not have to worry about wastage because it only dispenses 0.70 ml per activation.

Other qualities that make this product to be regarded as the best touchless soap dispenser are its ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance, and the fact that its powered by an AC adapter.

Ideally, you can also use four C batteries, and they will serve you through 55,000 single uses of the dispenser before a change of battery is needed. This is the right automatic liquid soap dispenser for high traffic areas like kitchen, restrooms, and lunch rooms too.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Can work with sanitizers and shampoo

  • Costly than most of the dispensers on this list
  • Might have a hard time with thick liquid

Bottom Line: The Alpine soap dispenser is easy to install and simple to use. Refilling is easy and the automatic works great without any spillages.

Average Price: $$

Automatic liquid soap dispensers have benefited homeowners and businesses in so many ways. Nevertheless, convenience, efficiency and enhanced hygiene take the top spots. Getting one of the best touchless soap dispenser listed above could make all the difference for your health.

Kids in your home are likely to enjoy handwashing sessions when you have a stylish liquid soap dispenser wall mounted somewhere in the house near your water dispenser.

In addition, germs and other disease-causing organisms would have nowhere to patch waiting to be transmitted to other individuals when there is no pump to press or touch while washing hands.

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