Finding the Best FPV Racing Frames: What to Look for

FPV racing needs a lot of concentration and quick reflexes to stay in the air and avoid crashing out. You need excellent flying skills, as well as quality frames, can also give you a competitive edge over your opponents. The following article will help provide you with the knowledge you’ll need to find the best FPV racing frames for your needs successfully.

Propeller’s size

When choosing an FPV racing frame, this is the first factor you’ll need to consider. Note as far as most racing drones are concerned there are four different propeller sizes namely; 3”, 4”, 5” and 6”.

  • 3” frames fall into the micro-class category. These frames are fun to fly around and can virtually go anywhere due to their small weight.
  • 4” frames are pretty cool They can support a wider wheelbase compared to the 3” frames. With the right build, you shouldn’t be surprised when they outrun the 5” frames.
  • 5” frames are great when it comes to both acrobatic flight and racing. They have better-sized propellers to support GoPros to record your flight.
  • 6” frames are technically built for speed purposes. These propellers will give you higher power making them ideal for competitive racing drones. However, you should be prepared to have enough batteries to supply the much-required energy.

Material thickness

Frame thickness is another important factor you need to consider when choosing your frame. The thicker your frame material is, the more rigid and robust it is. Despite the weight concern always go for a thicker frame as this will help make your drone indestructible for the everyday races.

Frame type

FPV racing frames come in different frame types with the standard ones being H frame, X frame, stretched X frame and V-tail frames. All these frames have their unique advantages. Therefore, before choosing the best frame type to go for your racing endeavor do your due diligence on each and every frame type the weigh your fpv racing frames


The last point in our discussion and perhaps the determining factor is the cost of the frame. When choosing your FPV racing frame, ask yourself how much are you willing to spend? Judging from the answer you get, search for the best frame within that range. Go through the list of best frames for different budget ranges to help you make a choice.

With the above factors under consideration, finding the best FPV racing frame shouldn’t be a mystery anymore. Purchase the best frame and smile all the way to the finish line of your drone races always!


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