Best Foaming Soap Dispenser -2018 Buyer’s Guide

Hand soap dispensers are essential if you want to curb the spread of bacteria around your home -that is according to the CDC.

On the other hand, foaming hand soap is more effective and cost-friendly than other forms of soap. If you like using foam soap, getting a dispenser that dispenses foaming soap the right way isn’t easy. This is why I created this guide: to help you select the best foam hand soap dispenser for home or commercial use.

So how does a foaming soap dispenser work?

Foam soap is basically liquid soap mixed with the right amount of water and infused with air to form a foamy lather. Foam soap dispensers, unlike these liquid soap dispensers, usually infuse air into the soap just before it leaves the dispenser.  In manual soap dispensers, the process happens when you press the pump while in automatic foam soap dispensers, the process is automated and only takes place when you move your hand close to the sensor.

Top Rated Foam Soap Dispensers In 2018

In this guide, I have listed 7 best foaming soap dispensers that you can find in the market in 2018. I hope you will find it useful.

Nigeper automatic soap dispenser -Best technology

Nigeper foam soap dispenserThis foaming soap dispenser from nigeper doesn’t just look different from other soap dispensers, but also delivers unmatched functionality that no single available foam soap dispenser can match. It is fitted with a Smart Motion Infra-red Sensor Technology which enables it to release just the right amount of soap when you move your hand underneath the dispensing tube. You can change the soap volume to either 0.6ml or 1.2ml depending on your preferences.

The design of this product allows it to seamlessly blend with the environment it is placed in. Whether it is your kitchen, restroom, or office, it never looks out of place. Besides, you can mount it on that wall or place it on a kitchen counter. Its dispensing power comes from 4 alkaline AAA batteries, that you have to buy separately, and this allows you to place it almost anywhere. It takes about 40,000 activations before the batteries require replacement.

One fine thing about the Nigeper foam soap dispenser is that it works with any soap. Whether you have a specific liquid soap or hand sanitizer you would like to use, it will work just as beautiful. It is easy to use and good-looking so your kids will love it instantly. Besides, they don’t have to touch it for it to work so you can expect no spillages or accidents.


  • Has an automatic dispenser that functions quite well
  • A beautiful design which allows it to be placed on the sink or mounted
  • Has adjustable soap dispensing modes

  • Its price may be out of reach to some people

Bottom Line: Beautiful, durable, and with a high performance, the Nigeper is definitely the best foaming soap dispenser you can get right now if your budget allows. It can also be mounted or placed on the sink.

Average Price: $$

Lantoo automatic soap dispenser -best value for money

Lantoo foam soap dispenserThe Lantoo Automatic Soap Dispenser features a smart infrared motion sensor which makes your hand washing experience worthwhile. It delivers a safe, heathier and easy-to-use experience which makes it ideal for homes with children. Simply dilute your favorite liquid soap with water and then fill the dispenser before use.

One interesting feature of this dispenser is that it allows you to adjust the amount of foam released to either 0.6 ml or 1.2 ml. All this is easily done by pressing a button that’s located on the top of the dispenser. According to the manufacturers, a 500ml refill can last an impressive 800 hand washes.

If you are into wall-mounted soap dispensers that can be used with foam soap, the Lantoo dispenser is a great choice that saves space too. It comes with a two-faced taped and two screws to facilitate wall mounting above your sink. This hands-free foam soap dispenser requires four AA size batteries to operate.


  • Comes with an automatic dispenser
  • Beautiful design that can be wall-mounted
  • Inexpensive compared to other brands on this list

  • You need to buy 4 AAA batteries separately in order to use it

Bottom Line: This foam soap dispenser dispenses soap brilliantly even though it comes at a much cheaper price compared to the top product. It definitely provides the best value for money.

Average Price: $$

Alpine wall-mountable dispenser -Best for commercial places

Alpine Wall Mountable soap dispenserThe Alpine Wall-mountable foaming soap dispenser is one of the best soap dispensers for foam soap in the market.

It features automatic touch-free operation for enhance hygiene and minimal exposure to germs. It dispenses 0.2 ml of soap per activation to minimize wastage.

The Alpine unit runs on 4 C batteries which can go for 55,000 activations before needing replacement.

This product works with most liquid soap brands as long as they are free flowing. Monitoring the soap levels is quite easy as it has clear window at the front.

At its price, you are getting a great product that is of high quality and can be used in homes or public places. It is easy to mount and doesn’t require any expertise to set up and use.


  • Has a larger capacity that the other dispensers on the list
  • Comes with an automatic sensor to minimize spread of germs
  • Expect very minimal soap wastage, if any
  • Can work with shampoo and sanitizers

  • Its price might be expensive to some

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a foam soap dispenser with a large capacity, the Alpine is your ideal choice.

Average Price: $$

Simplehuman foam sensor -Best design

Simplehuman foam soap dispenserThe Simplehuman foam soap dispenser provides a luxurious hand washing experience thanks to its sensor technology that works instantly and efficiently. It is made from a high-grade stainless steel that is sturdy and durable.

Its aerating diaphragm pump works with its fast and accurate motion sensor, to provide just the right amount of pre-lathered soap in a short time. With this device in your home, you wouldn’t have to worry about spillages and the spread of germs.

Refilling the pump is a breeze. Simply eject a click-in cartridge, refill it and stick it back into the dispenser in a matter of seconds. There is no room for any mess. It is also easy to clean and can be rinsed with water.

This Simplehuman foaming soap dispenser is rechargeable and doesn’t require batteries to work. It can last upto to 3 months on full charge.


  • Has an automatic sensor that works perfectly
  • It is easy to clean
  • Refilling is very simple
  • It is rechargeable, hence you don’t require batteries

  • Its price might be expensive to some
  • You have to buy a cartridge separately in order to use it

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a foam soap dispenser with a large capacity, the Alpine is your ideal choice.

Average Price: $$

Interdesign foaming soap dispenser -Best manual

Interdesign casilla soap dispenserThe Interdesign Foaming Soap Dispenser easily stands out from the rest, not just because of its price but also its sleek design. Being one of the most inexpensive products on this list, this dispenser can hold up to 14 ounces.

Its elegant design makes it ideal for different settings, including the kitchen and the bathroom or anywhere else in your house with a sink. With a plastic base and nickel-brushed rust resistant plastic pump, this dispenser is good enough to blend in with any of your household décor.

The Interdesign foam soap dispenser has a wide opening to facilitate easy refilling. It also has a wider base to prevent tipping over since it is not a wall-mounted dispenser.

It is transparent, not just for beauty, but to allow you to easily monitor the soap levels and refill whenever it is necessary. It doesn’t pick fingerprints, smudges, and soap residue easily meaning you wouldn’t have to clean it every now and then.


  • It is quite inexpensive
  • An excellent design that will bring a luxurious feel to your bathroom sink
  • Can hold a lot of soap
  • It is durable

  • It has a manual pump

Bottom Line: This is for those who want a sophisticated and luxurious look and feel in the bathroom or kitchen. Not preferable in homes with kids.

Average Price: $$

Cozhome foaming soap dispenser

cozhome foam soap dispensingThe Cozhome Foaming Dispenser is tailored for any kind of foaming soap, including homemade soap. It is very simple, inexpensive, and super easy to use.

Simply press in the pump with your palm and foam will squeeze out of the nozzle. Its stainless-steel exterior is beautifully done and the tough acrylic see through body allows you to monitor soap level.

While this soap dispenser from Cozhome is simple and easy to use, you have to press the pump to use it. If you are looking for an automatic foaming soap dispenser, this isn’t the right device for you.

However, if you need something that is both cheap and effective, then this is your ideal product.


  • Affordable
  • Simple design yet stylish
  • Easy to use

  • It has a manual pump

Bottom Line: A simple foam soap dispenser that is not only cheap but also works exactly the it is intended to work.

Average Price: $$

Bottom line

Choosing a foaming soap dispenser is not an easy task with the many options available out there. However, our comprehensive list should make it easy for you. All you need to do is to select any one of these top foam soap dispensers that is within your budget.

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