Best Dual Shower Head Systems Reviewed

A nice shower enclosure and a showerhead might be a great way to wash away the effects of a long, tiring day.

But what about a dual shower head system in place of a single head?

Well. Things just got better. The best dual shower heads will give a steady but calm stream of water that covers a wider area hence making it an appropriate solution for people who like sharing an intimate shower or someone who just wants to be fully covered by the soothing water.

Dual shower heads are a good workaround regions with federal law that regulates the use of big rainfall shower heads. Federal law in some regions dictates that a single shower head cannot exceed the 2.5 gallons per minute mark.

This could be an inferior flow rate for two people sharing a romantic shower or when you want more water hitting your body at any given time.

Apart from being good at moving more water, dual head showers can deliver water from different angles. This will soak you well with water without forcing you to move around too much.

Featured Dual Shower Heads

NameNotable FeaturesPrice/Review
Hydroluxe Full Chrome
hydroluxe full chrome dual shower head

  • 24 different water flow patterns

  • Same size shower heads

  • Tool Free installation

  • Shiny chrome finish

  • Splitter: 3 way

AquaDance 7” Premium
aquadance 7 inch premium dual shower head

  • High pressure operation to boost water flow

  • Handheld comes with six water pattern settings

  • Tool free installation

  • Rub clean jets for easy maintenance cleaning

  • Splitter: 3 way

AKDY 9” Rectangular
akdy 9 inch rectangular rainfall dual shower head

  • Antique bronze finish

  • 9” multi angled rectangular main shower head

  • Two way diverter means only one head can work at a time

  • A variety of interesting rainfall and waterfall configurations

  • Splitter: 2 way

DreamSpa 1432
dreamspa 1432 3-way dual shower head

  • Wide range of patterns from the smaller 4 inch showerhead to augment 7” waterfall

  • Shiny chrome finish

  • Adjustable overhead bracket for easy showerhead swiveling

  • Splitter: 3 way

PowerSpa Luminex
powerspa luminex

  • LED lights with 24 color settings to spruce up your shower

  • Both shower heads of similar diameter

  • Elastic rub clean nozzles for easy cleaning and better water pressure

  • All shower heads can adjust water patterns

  • Splitter: 3 way

HotelSpa 42-Setting Luxury
hotelspa dual shower head

  • Brushed nickel finish

  • 8 shower pattern setting son overhead unit and nine on the handheld

  • Has some parts made of plastic

  • Splitter: 3 way

If you are lucky to have a dual showerhead extension with a handheld combo, you can use the flexible handheld to direct a stream of water exactly where you want it. The handheld will come in handy when cleaning a pet or help kids enjoy the shower experience.

Top 8 Dual Shower Heads to Buy in 2017

1. Hydroluxe Full Chrome 2 in 1 Shower Head

hydroluxe full chrome dual shower headThe Hydroluxe full chrome showerhead is a 3-way shower head and handheld shower combo that gives you up to 24 different water flow patterns. The handheld latches onto the fixed shower head to create the second showerhead and you won’t notice any difference in water flow since they are almost the same in size.

The main settings are a power rain, massage mode, a stay-warm mist, and soft eco rain and pause mode. Since each shower head has it own control dial, you can combine different modes on different heads to attain a more soothing shower easily.

A patented 3-way water diverter takes care of the water switching and can even let you turn one shower head off while and angle adjustable overhead bracket with an anti-swivel nut lets you adjust showerhead configuration to suit your different needs. Apart from just being a dual shower head, the Hydrolux full chrome two-in-one gives you a 5-ft stainless steel hose that turns the other shower head into a very convenient hand-held unit.

The installation will be a breeze thanks to the tool-free design that uses conical brass hose nuts that work perfect with hand tightening. The shiny chrome finish will fit perfectly into most modern bathroom designs.

2. AquaDance 7” Premium High-Pressure Shower Combo

aquadance 7 inch premium dual shower headWith rub clean jets for easy cleaning and lime buildup prevention, the 7 inch Aquadance is perhaps one of the very best when it comes to sheer volume and power. Everything, including the handheld gets a sleek all-chrome finish and a high-power click lever dial to select the shower patterns on each shower head.

The main shower head is a whopping 7 inch in diameter which is more than decent at pushing high volumes of water while the hand held stands at a rather impressive 4 inch. While the size difference will be felt, the fact that the AquaDance 7” is a high-pressure shower combo means that the two shower heads will work hand in hand to produce an impressive water flow for two.

The overhead unit is a constant rainfall shower head. The handheld, on the other hand, has six different settings. You can choose from power rain, pulsating massage, rain massage, rain mist, power mist and water saving mode.

The Aquadance 7″ Premium High-Pressure shower head has a three-way water diverter turns into the direction you want the water to flow between the dual shower heads with a central position leaving both showers on. A standard 5 feet stainless steel hose lets you carry the handheld wherever you please while the angle adjustable latch gives you the freedom to create a range of combinations when you latch it onto to the main overhead.

Once again, you get simple tool free installation with the package including everything you will need to install the AquaDance 7” premium high-pressure shower combo without calling in a plumber.

3. AKDY 9” Rectangular Rainfall Jet Shower Head

akdy 9 inch rectangular rainfall dual shower headIf you are looking to step away from the circular chrome finish shower heads, this rectangular rainfall shower head combo will be an excellent fit with its antique bronze finish.You will get a 9 inch multi-angled overhead fixture that can easily match the performance of other dual shower heads and a smaller handheld that doubles up as the second shower head.

The overhead unit gives you a steady rainfall mode that you can adjust to suit your preferences and also has big nozzles that deliver that high power stream of water you need for massage. The handheld wand gives you a regular rainfall effect from the nozzles and one waterfall option to spruce things up.

The most interesting thing about this AKDY 9” shower head is its rectangular shape and stylish antique bronze finish that makes it a perfect fit into the antique bathroom that would otherwise reject chrome finished shower head.

The only problem is that though the hand held is by its own standards a second shower head making this a dual head system, the two way diverter means that only one of the two shower heads can run at any specific time.

4. DreamSpa 1432 3-Way Rainfall Shower Head

dreamspa 1432 3-way dual shower headDreamSpa has etched a name for itself in making high-end shower heads with some interesting setting combinations. Once again, you will get an overhead shower head and a hand held unit that can double up as the second shower head. The overhead unit is a 7-inch circular affair while the hand held clocks in at a 4-inch diameter.

Once again, you will get a steady rainfall stream from the main DreamSpa shower head while the handheld lets you choose between power rain, hydro mist, rain/mist, eco miss, massage, pulsating massage and a water saving pause mode.

The handheld sits at the end of a 5-foot stainless steel flexible hose and latches onto the overhead shower using an adjustable overhead bracket that lets you swivel it around for the perfect angle before engaging the swivel lock knob.

DreamSpa 1432 3-way rainfall shower gives you a ton of flexibility and its modern design finish will make it at home in a wide range of bathroom decors.

5. PowerSpa Luminex With Pressure Boost Nozzle

powerspa luminexIf you are the LED light fan, you will find the PowerSpa Luminex quite interesting thanks to its 24 color settings. The vibrant sevent LED colors change automatically every other second giving you the perfect light show for a long soothing shower. You don’t have to worry about electrical wiring since the LED lights are powered by the running water. No batteries no wiring.

With both shower faces being 4 inch in diameter, they easily deliver the same water flow hence giving you the illusion that you are dealing with a true dual shower head system. A clever hydro supercharged turbine draws in air from the surroundings using 48 elastic rub clean nozzles to boost water pressure and give a better water flow regardless of your plumbing system’s water pressure.

You can configure the two shower heads to either deliver a rain stream, massage, rain with massage or a water saving pause mode. All the shower heads are angle adjustable hence you can customize each shower experience by angling the shower heads differently.

The hand head attaches to a flexible 5-foot stainless steel hose with easy to use conical nuts for hand tightening. The PowerSpa Luminex is a true dual shower head with LEDs thanks to the 3-way splitter that lets you use one shower head at a go or all of them at once.

6. HotelSpa 42-Setting Luxury 3-Way Shower Head Combo

hotelspa dual shower headThe HotelSpa 42-setting 3-way shower head combo is a great shot at decent decor for people who don’t want the bold chrome finish on most shower heads. HotelSpa chose a brushed nickel finish on this unit, a finish that not only looks different but also quite the match to a wide range of bathroom decor plans.

You get a 4 inch overhead shower head and a handheld. The handheld gives you nine shower pattern settings while the overhead gives you 8 settings. These include rain, massage, economy rain, pause, and mist. You can combine the different settings to attain a different feel, for instance, massage rain or mist rain hence increasing your showing options exponentially.

The clicking three-way diverter is an utter delight since you can tell when it locks into place without looking while the ON’OFF PAUSE switch lets you control the water stream in a more intuitive way. This combined with the 42 shower pattern settings gives you a reason to enjoy your shower better once you figure out how to use them.

The whole dual shower system does feel light but this doesn’t compromise the build quality in any way. Since it has parts made of plastic, it might develop leaks sooner than later. None the less, it is a decent purchase especially if it will fit into your current bathroom decor thanks to the brushed nickel finish. Note that the brushed nickel finish is a bit light and bright. You might have to get the bronzed shower head if you want something darker.

7. Dual Shower Head Splitter for DIY Builds

diy dual shower head designBy now, you should have notice that most of the dual shower heads listed above are actually an overhead shower with a hand held that doubles up as the second showerhead. This might not be good enough for somebody who wants a true dual shower head configuration or if you want to install your two shower heads on different walls.

In this case, you will need to purchase regular shower heads of your liking and hook them up to a splitter or diverter to feed both shower heads at a go. This, in my opinion, might be the cheapest and most versatile approach since you get to build something unique and an exact match of your preferences.

You might have to forego the handheld shower head or lay some extension plumbing to achieve your dream but the end product will be amazing.

Go for high-quality shower heads that use your water pressure well to avoid creating a weak stream and ensure that the splitter you get clicks perfectly into place hence sharing water pressure perfectly between your shower heads. You can check out an amazing collection of dual shower head splitters here and use this link to find excellent shower heads to go into your DIY dual shower head build.

How Do Double Shower Heads Work?

A double shower head setting gives you two shower heads linked to your wall pipe using a diverter, splitter or a dual shower head adapter. The best dual shower heads will pack everything you need to install and begin using the two shower heads in your bathroom.

In this case, the installation will be as easy as attaching the shower heads to your shower utility plumbing on the bathroom wall. Showers with a handheld will have a diverter valve that lets you switch off the shower head extension when you want to use the overhead unit alone. The handheld shower head can be hung on a special hook on the wall or on a slide bar for easy access at different points of the shower stall.

Which Dual Shower Head Should You Buy?

Choosing the right dual shower head is a matter of understanding what you want to accomplish with the shower head and observing your existing bathroom decor. The right head should not only give you the right water flow but also seamlessly fit into your bathroom decor. A shiny chrome plated shower head will be out of place in a Victorian-themed bathroom. Think of a dual bronze shower head instead. A shower head with LED lights will add a neat touch of style to a modern themed bathroom, giving you a reason to enjoy those showers even longer.

A dual showerhead with a detachable head will also come in handy when making the bathroom safer to people with limited mobility like the seniors and physically challenged.

The main things you must consider when choosing your double shower head are:

The Shower Head Design and Finish

The design and finish will resonate with your existing bathroom decor. The design could be if the shower heads are smooth and circular or rectangular and other sharp geometrical shapes that sit better with a modern bathroom decor. The finish, on the other hand, could be bronzed, a plain copper finish, chrome plated or a shiny stainless steel sheen.

With design, you can push your imagination beyond the limit and look for a dual shower head with a separate handheld that slides on a railing. You could also lay some extra plumbing so that you install multiple shower heads on opposite shower walls to achieve a more refreshing experience with the water streaming in from both sides.

Pressure or Water Flow Rate

You don’t want to split your shower into two weak stream shower heads. You want to find a set of shower heads that will keep a substantial pressure and flow rate. Even though the pressure you get at the end of the two shower heads will depend on how hard your overhead tank can push water through your plumbing, choosing the wrong double shower head, splitter or adapter might compromise your flow rate and water pressure.

Choose something that gives you the highest pressure and water flow rate possible. It’s better to use your shower’s valve to regulate the water pressure than having an inferior stream of water even with the valve fully open.

Ability to Run it as a Single Head

Double shower heads run a reasonable amount of water. Your water consumption will double. Even if the water in your region is cheap, it is responsible to keep the water consumption in check at times. While the dual shower head is truly soothing, there are times when you would like to grab a quick shower just to clean up.

Get a double shower head with a simple valve that lets you shut off one shower head and leave one working. This will help you save your hot water hence your utility bill in the long run. Keep those heavy flow hot showers for the time when you really need them.

A Flexible Handheld that Moves Around

The flexible hand held shower head, though not part of a dual shower head system, will definitely make your life easier. The handheld is a nice way to rinse off your hair, wash a kid or a pet without switching on the mega shower. It would also come in handy during a romantic shower with your loved one when you want to play with the water in ways the dual shower heads on the wall can’t let you to.

dual shower head with mistHow the Water Falls

Traditionally, a shower head will use multiple holes on the base to deliver the water in a rain-like pattern. The drops of this artificial rain vary depending on the size of the holes on your shower head. While some people will find bigger streams of water that almost simulate a sheet of water more soothing, others will love a finer stream of water as it hits the body with less ferocity.

Balancing between how the water is delivered and the pressure will let you achieve the right flow rate easily. If you prefer a fine sheet of water, you might have to invest in bigger shower heads to deliver a reasonable amount of water per unit time without forcing the shower head to work at an unreasonable pressure.

Shower Head Versatility

A good 2 person shower head should be as resilient as any other shower head. A solid build using sensible materials like stainless steel, bronze or copper will give you the very best dual shower heads in the market. Sometimes, you can get cheaper polymer shower heads that though made from an inferior material are cheaper and easier to mold into different exotic shapes.

Additional Features on the Shower Head

Apart from just the water, some people would want extra features like some LED lights or some speakers to go with your shower heads. This might be what I call after market customization as it doesn’t really affect how good your dual shower head will deliver the water. It is up to you to know what extras you want and choose a shower head that matches your dreams.

DIY Dual Shower Head

In reality, a dual shower head is just two shower heads lashed together with a splitter or an adapter. If you are confident of your plumbing or handy man skills or simply can’t get the right off the counter dual shower head, you might accomplish your dreams by creating your own custom dual shower heads.

This might be a great idea if you want to install the two shower head on opposite walls or want to create a reasonable gap between the two heads, something that most of the ready made dual shower heads tend to overlook.

You will have to match the connecting pipe diameters to ensure a uniform water pressure on both pipes and install the right valves if you want to be switching off one shower head at will or wish to run a hand held.

You will definitely need a couple of plumbing tools and more time to pull this off.

Dual Shower Head Pros and Cons

The Advantages

  • Dual shower heads are great for two. You will have a great time showering comfortably with your partner since no one will be hogging all the water from a single shower head.
  • Two shower heads expand the effect shower area, letting you enjoy more soothing water no matter where you stand. The bigger area covers a great part of your body hence making the showering experience better.
  • Two shower heads give you the freedom to implement different spray pattern. Perhaps a narrow firm message stream and a wide spray for a complete soak
  • Save on time since more water means that you can shower faster even if it is two people sharing the shower


  • Dual shower heads will increase your shower’s water flow substantially. You might burn through your hot water a little faster than you used to and run out of heat if you take too long showers and your tank is too small
  • Some installation might force you to alter your bathroom plumbing


Daul shower heads are a great way to spruce up your bathroom and make things more interesting. Ready made pieces, though mostly a three-way combination gets the job done excellently. They are affordable out of the box solutions that won’t have you calling for a plumber or doing a mini bathroom remodel.

However, if you want something truly custom, you might have to dig deep into your plumbing skills to customize your bathroom plumbing so that it can accommodate two fully fledged shower heads. You could even set it up to take to three ways on both walls and enjoy a more enveloping sheet of water whenever you step into your shower stall after a long tiring day.

Just remember that double shower heads consume more water than a single shower head. Use the in build eco modes or hit the pause button when soaping up to reduce water consumption. You don’t want to run out of hot water while in the middle of a shower. Alternatively, you can invest in on-demand instant water heaters or purchase a bigger hot water reservoir to fuel your new demand for showering water.

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