AUX 12000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner Review

A good air conditioner could be the line between comfort and stuffiness in your home.

Definitely, you don’t want your house to be extremely hot in the summer and extremely cold during the winter.

Adverse temperatures such as these can end up causing complications to family members, especially the kids.

This is why you need a proper air conditioning equipment like this AUX 12000 BTU mini split air conditioner.

If you live in a condo or small house, AUX have got you covered with the 12000 BTU air conditioner. This mini split air con is light, portable, waterproof, ductless, and even Bluetooth-enabled. In this review, we cover all these features and analyze the importance the have on the functionality of this air conditioner.


The small and compact size of both the outdoor and indoor units make this ductless mini-split air conditioner more efficient and practical in any home. Installation is pretty easy. The unit only needs to be installed and connected to electricity for it to begin working.


If you live in rented space or don’t want to spend extra laying cables around the house, then a ductless air conditioner is the most ideal for you. The Aux mini split ac is ductless hence you won’t have to deal with any cables during installation, except when connecting it to electricity. Simply place the heat pump appropriately and hang the indoor unit on the wall.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Enabled

This air conditioner comes equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies that allows it to connect with your smartphone. Through a special app, you can easily control your heating and cooling unit as well as view weather and equipment performance statistics.

Waterproof outdoor unit

The outdoor heat pump unit is completely waterproof to prevent damage during the rainy season. It is made from a tough material that is resistant to adverse weather ensuring you dedicated service whenever you need.

Aux BTU minisplitPerformance

When it comes to performance, the AUX mini split air conditioner does a great job heating and cooling the house.

It is easy to operate so don’t expect any steep learning curves when you see the sleek indoor unit and tough outdoor unit of the air conditioner.

The compressor is highly energy efficient thanks to the inclusion of Tombartithe elements which increase the toughness of the rotor and reduce friction which in turn reduces power usage significantly.


  • Low power consumption which translates to energy efficiency
  • Produces very low noise
  • Greatly designed and the outdoor unit is waterproof
  • Environmental friendly


  • Only suitable for small houses and condos.


If you are looking for a compact mini split air conditioning equipment for your house, the AUX 12000 BTU is an excellent mini-split air con that you should consider. It is sleek, elegant, and will only take small space inside and outside the house, yet its effects will be fully felt in your whole house. If you are looking for a small mini split air conditioning unit, then consider buying this unit.

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