Apex Ap-Pro Regent 4D Massage Chair Review

It’s a fast-paced life in the current world. Despite this, your body needs lots of rest to be healthy. While you may not have enough time to relax, it is best to get the most out of the little time you have. A massage is definitely the best way to relax. This activity not only relieves your body from pain but also comes with many health benefits.

It helps in lowering the blood pressure besides easing stress and anxiety. While you can visit a spa for massage services, this approach may be expensive in the long run. Getting a good massage chair is a good idea to avoid these expenses and save time that you’d have spent heading to the spa. When it comes to massage chairs, none is as real as a massage therapist’s hand than the Apex Ap-Pro Regent 4D Massage Chair.

What is A 4D Massage Chair?

4D massage chairA 4D massage chair is one whose rollers can go up and down, side to side, back and forth, and have adjustable speed of movement. The term fourth dimension in this case doesn’t mean movement through any specific direction, rather it is changing of speed when moving in either of the directions available in 3D massage chairs.

This movement replicates the way a masseuse works his or her way to pressure tight muscles at different speeds. “4D” massage chairs are, therefore, the closest you can get to a masseur’s hand movements yet.

Now that we’ve got this terminology out of the way, here is a comprehensive review of the Apex Ap-pro Regent Massage Chair covering the innovative 4D massage option and several unique features.

Apex Ap-Pro 4D Massage Chair Review

A Unique Shoulder Massage Experience

The Apex massage chair comes with a new shoulder massage technique that you would not find on any other chair of its kind. It has 4-dimensional massage rollers, which have the ability to focus on the muscles found on the shoulder blade. Unlike other massage chairs that may end up hurting your shoulder blades, this chair doesn’t press against your bony parts of the shoulder.

How is the Apex massage chair able to achieve this? The chair employs ‘Real Body Scanning Technology’, which can identify the different features of your back like the shoulder blades. It then uses its 4D movement technology to avoid the bones and focus on pressure points.

A Heating Blanket

Shoulder heaters on Apex Ap-Pro

Another unique feature on the Apex Ap-Pro Regent Massage Chair is its heating blanket that offers heat therapy –something that is not common in other massage chairs. It has two blanket arms on the upper side that you place over your shoulders and onto your chest to enjoy heat therapy on the back of your body and the front at the same time. This heating blanket increases the surface area of the body exposed to heat therapy by up to 60 percent.

A Heated Foot Massage

Need a foot massage? No problem. The Apex Ap-Pro Regent Massage Chair offers a heated foot massage –a feature is that is only available to a handful of other massage chairs. Despite lacking a foot massage roller, the Apex has a nodule plate, which offers reflexology massage at the soles of your feet while being aided by an airbag. Add this to the feet heating elements in this plate and you can be sure of one of the most relaxing foot massage experiences you can ever have.

Additional Features

The Apex AP-Pro comes with 11 pre-programmed massage courses that allow you to get better massage therapies on almost every part of your body. Also, there is a ‘Deep Spot’ button, which when pressed prompts the rollers to retain focus on a particular spot for more therapeutic benefits. For an uninterrupted massage session, the chair also has an on-demand control keypad within your reach.


The Apex comes with speakers that allow you to listen to relaxing music while you are enjoying a massage. A massage session can only go well with music – that is why it is an essential feature. Another impressive part that sets the Apex apart from the rest is its accurate body scanning technology, which is one of the most practical in the market today. It can also memorize your specific massage routines and administer them at the press of a button.


There is little to criticize for this massage chair. It has a few downsides, though they take away nothing from the overall user experience. The chair is quite bulky and its controls may be a bit overwhelming. At its price, it might be well out of reach to some people.

Apex Ap-Pro


Being one of the best products from Apex, this product promises a great experience with its unique features including the 4D technology and a heating blanket. The movements are a notch above many other massage chairs and its rollers can move to practically any direction. It can also be used either for business or at home.

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