Anova Precision Cooker Review (Best Sous Vide Cooker?)


Temperature Control Precision


Ease of Set Up & Use


Mobile App Features


Value for Money


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  • Solid functionality when cooking sous vide
  • Heats water evenly to guarantee your food will cook evenly
  • Easy to use, especially through the Anova Culinary App
  • Has Wi-Fi functionality that makes it possible to cook remotely
  • Easy to clean. Simply wipe with a soft damp cloth.


  • The 900 watts heater might take a while to bring the water up to the right temperature

anova precision cookerIf you love sous vide cooking, then you know how important it is to get a precision cooker that can give incredible restaurant quality results. The Anova Precision cooker is designed for the individuals who want to extend sous vide cooking to their homes. It is beautifully designed and performs incredibly well when cooking different kinds of foods as you will see from this review. It also comes with Wi-Fi, an upgrade from the previous version that used Bluetooth, which makes it even better since you don’t have to near the kitchen to monitor your culinary.

For those who aren’t familiar with sous vide, it is a French term that means ‘under vacuum’. In this method, you take the food you would to cook and vacuum seal it in a plastic bag and submerge it in water that is kept at a certain precise temperature that allows the food to cook evenly both inside and outside, although at a much slower rate. This is unlike the traditional forms of cooking where the food is heated more on the outside and less on the inside.


The Anova precision sous vide cooker is small, round, and has a wand that you will use to clamp it to a cooking pot. The manufacturers of this device took a different approach to create a smaller device compared to the rectangular vessels that have been, for a long time, been used as sous vide cookers. However, with this approach, you need to use your own cooking pot to hold water for sous vide cooking.

This precision cooker has two bright LCDs at the top which display the temperature. The larger LCD at the top displays the current temperature of the water while the bottom one shows the temperature you have set it to and the time remaining before the cooking stops –that is if you have set the timer. Just below the bottom screen, there is a start/stop timer which also performs other functions when you long press it.

The timer button is located to the right of the display and the Wi-Fi button is strategically positioned towards the left. Below the head of the unit, there is a scroll wheel which is used to adjust both the time and temperature.

How to Cook Sous Vide

anova sous vide cookingCooking sous vide with the Anova Precision Cooker is very easy. Just fill a cooking pot with water and attach the precision cooker. Note the minimum and maximum levels as indicated on the precision cooker –the recommended tank capacity is 4-5 gallons. Once installed, set your desired cooking temperature using the scroll wheel. The cooker will evenly heat the tank with its 900W heating unit, which might take longer than other precision cookers with larger heating units.

You can also use the Anova Culinary App if you have connected this precision cooker to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Put your food in a Ziplock or vacuum sealed bag and clip it on one side of the pot, preferably opposite the cooker. Wait for the preferred amount of time and your food will be ready to eat.  However, you will note that the food looks a bit weird compared to other forms of cooking. Simply sear it a bit to give it a nice look and crispy outer layer.


Anova has done a great job with this sous vide cooker since it works impeccably well throughout the cooking. Simply plug it into a 110-120VAC power input, select the temperature, and select start and it will begin cooking by raising the temperatures to the preferred levels. If you are to cook for over 8 hours, it is important that you monitor the water levels so that you can add when necessary. One hack that I found out that allows cooking for longer without adding water is to cover the cooking pot with aluminum foil.

One of the most confusing factors of the Anova Precision cooker is that you have to long-press the Start/Stop button for about 8 seconds before the timer button lights up. You will also be required to hold this button for about 3 seconds to change the display from degrees to Fahrenheit, vice versa. The company should have done better with these manual settings.

Other than manual settings, which I avoided the time and again by using the Wi-Fi connected Anova Culinary App, the precision cooker efficiently heats and circulates water in the pot allowing food to cook at a precise temperature for the best results. It can cook a wide range of foods, from fish and desserts to meats and vegetables.

Anova Culinary App & Wi-Fi

The Anova Culinary App allows you to connect to the cooker through Wi-Fi, meaning that you don’t have to spend all your cooking time in the kitchen. Sous Vide cooking usually takes a lot of time and you don’t want to keep on returning to the kitchen every few minutes to check on the progress.

With this app, you can spend quality time with your family while cooking remotely and monitor the state of your food in the Anova precision cooker. With the culinary app, you can start, stop, monitor, or adjust your cooking from wherever you are as long as the cooker is connected to Wi-Fi.

Bottom Line

The Anova precision cooker is an excellent device that you should have in your kitchen. Not only does it boast of a Wi-Fi and remote accessibility feature, but it has a great build quality and cooks great sous vide. I enjoyed it throughout and I hope this review has helped you make your choice. You can also see the prices and ratings by clicking on the Amazon button below.


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