Ambient Weather WS 3000 X5 Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer Review

The Ambient Weather WS-3000 X5 Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer measures and graphs 5 wireless remote sensors at the same time. This comprehensive unit consists of a TFT full color display unit that indicates the temperature, humidity, dew point, and heat index and can monitor up to 8 channels at the same time.

You won’t need to adjust the clock as the WS-3000 X5 can automatically synchronize it precisely based on a radio signal from Fort Collins Co (Wave). No matter the time zone or daylight savings time, the adjustment is never an issue. This wireless thermo-hygrometer is powered by an AC adapter and can use AA batteries too, which are also used in the sensors.

The backlight can be set to turn on or off during certain hours. Even more, you can set an alarm to go on when it senses high or low temperatures and humidity. With each sensor having its own alarm, nothing could have been more impressive and functional.

Connections can be made to a computer via a micro-USB for connection. It also has an SD card port but doesn’t come with a memory card. Once you purchase the memory card, the data from the sensors is logged into a .csv file and shows all configurations.

Ambient Weather WS-3000 X5 is a perfect upgrade for those who have separate thermometers in every room since it allows you to check temperature and humidity readings without visiting the rooms. It doesn’t lose connection to the sensors and the measurements are always accurate.

Features to look out for in the Ambient WS 3000

  • PC software included
  • The Console
  • Thermo hygrometer sensors
  • Optional SD card slot
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity
  • Radio controlled time
  • Dew point and heat index


  • Comes with a PC software
  • 5 thermo-hygrometer sensors. Supports up to 8.
  • Radio-controlled time
  • Large screen with bright highly visible readings


  • Batteries not included
  • Memory card not included
  • Made from cheap plastic. Dropping on hard surfaces might result in breakages.


This Ambient Weather thermos-hygrometer works seamlessly and delivers accurate readings. The screen is large and displays big digits and graphs, making it easy to view readings on all sensors at once. It is disappointing that it can’t be used on the go unless you already have AA batteries. It also doesn’t come with a memory card. Apart from these, the thermos-hygrometer is easy to use and works perfectly.

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