Alarmpore SP105E Magic Bluetooth LED Controller Review

Alarmpore SP105E


Versatility & Reliability


Ease to Configure


Value for Money


Bluetooth App Performance


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  • Wide voltage tolerance capabilities
  • Memory hold function to remember last configuration
  • You can easily split the control line to run longer LED Strips
  • A sufficient mobile app for remote BT control


  • Hard to search through all light patterns in the phone App
  • Limited onboard controls demanding that you always have a paired phone nearby

Controlling your decorative light strips with a fixed programmed LED lights controller isn’t that fun. You have to physically walk to the controller and swap the settings or edit the configuration if you desire a different lighting effect for your festive lights. A wireless controller makes things easier by putting all the control in your hands, either through a dedicated remote or through an iOS or Android mobile app.

The Alarmpore SP105E connects to your phone via Bluetooth, letting you cycle through a couple of patterns, brightness and other settings from the comfort of the couch.

Design and Appearance

There’s nothing eye-catching about the SP105E magic controller. This is good since it is designed to maintain a low profile, letting you focus on the lights it controls and not the controller. It is a tiny chip covered in white plastic with protruding brackets on either end for convenient installation. The miniaturization, however, cuts down on some features making it inferior to the music piping

A socket for the DC power (5-24 volts) sits on one side and the connection to the LED strips on the opposite side. All the power connections are slip-in slots with securing screws at the bottom giving you an easy and convenient way to make a neat and firm connection without bringing out the soldering gun.

Set Up and Getting Started

Set up is simple as long as you understand what each cable on your LED strip stands for. The SP105E magic controller pin outs are color coded and most of the standard LED strips will match these color codes. If yours doesn’t, you will have to use a manual to figure out which color stands for what.

Once you have the wires in place, head over to the Google PlayStore or the Apple App Store and download the SP105E magic controller app. Search for magic controller app or simply scan the QR code on the side of your controller to get the right app from the word go.

The SP105E Magic Controller App

Magic-LED connects to the controller via Bluetooth. Once you have it installed, power on the controller and switch on your device’s Bluetooth. Once the app is powered on, it will begin scanning for the controller. If you have more than one controllers, you will see them pop up on the list. Tap on the one you want to connect to and follow the connection wizard.

With the Magic-LED app, you can choose the color options, animation, brightness and animation speeds. You will get a huge number of modes (almost 200). Finding the one you like most will definitely take you some time.

bluetooth rgb led controllerThe biggest problem with the controller is that it doesn’t give you a way to coin up your own effects. All you have to do is be content with the inbuilt patterns and scroll through them to your content. You can’t join more than one effects or tell the controller to send out a unique signal that suits your needs.

For the app to work, you will need a Bluetooth V4.0 capable device running Android 4.4 and above or iOS 8.0 and above.


  • Versatility: it is compatible with almost all two or one wire LED driver IC. These include WS2811 WS2812B, WS2801, SK6812, SK6812-RGBW, LPD6803, LPD8806, APA102, APA105, TM1804, TM1814, TM1914, TM1913, P9813, INK1003, UCS1903, and DMX512. You can also select R/G/B channel order.
  • Variability in color: the device comes in over two hundred different colors from which you can choose. The collection is amazing. You can select from static color mode or auto mode both of which are magnificent.
  • Auto-save function: once you Alarmpore (TM) SP105 Magic Bluetooth Controller, the auto-save feature automatically updates and does not get lost once the power goes off. In addition, the level of brightness can be regulated to your most preferred level without engaging in many technical details.
  • Pixel control: you can play around with the pixel density to a maximum of 240 pixels.
  • Wide voltage: the Alampore Magic Bluetooth controller has a wide working voltage (DC5V~24V) that protects from reverse connection of electricity supply and the LED.


  • No way to identify all the existing LED style combos or a way to search through them fast
  • You cannot create your own animations and save them to the device
  • You cannot see the color mode and light effects on the LEDs from your phone
  • The app loses Bluetooth connection every time the screen goes to sleep


The Alampore SP105E magic lights Bluetooth controller is quite impressive for something of its size. It offers a tight control over your LEDs and its operating voltage range means that it can easily power up those very bright high-power LEDs without breaking a sweat. The app and effects approach might have a couple of rough edges here and there but it sure is a cool way to keep tight control over your LED light decorations.


  1. Reply
    Bryan July 17, 2017 at 1:12 am

    Can the SP105E data line be split, run 2 or 3 WS2811 in parallel?

    • Reply
      Alex July 17, 2017 at 5:31 pm

      You can split the data line easily since the controller signal is a high-impedance signal input. Split the data line and hook it up to your strips keeping the data connection wires as equal as possible to eliminate any chances of the system falling out of sync.

      The biggest thing you should be worried about when powering multiple strips from one controller is its power capabilities and the actual resistance of the LED strips you are using.

      A 60 LED 1m strip will draw around 3.0A inducing a 0.6V while a 120 LED 2m strip will 4.7A inducing a 1.4V drop.

      The voltage drop means that the LEDs far away from the controller will grow dimmer and dimmer until they won’t be working anymore.

      A quick solution would be maintaining the data signal the same but hooking up each strip to an independent power source. You could get a better length from LED strips with lower impedance conductors or run a separate reasonable gauge wire and hooking it up to the strips after one or 2 meter intervals.

      Use a voltage drop calculator (uses distance and conductor type to calculate voltage drops of different AWG wire) and identify the right wire for your layout.

      Remember to take into account the SP105E power source’s capabilities. If your system draws more Amps that it can provide, consider adding more to the system.

  2. Reply
    steven January 29, 2018 at 9:20 pm

    can i hook the +5v from my pc power supply to this controller to power the WS2812Bof 1m length?

    • Reply
      chester February 4, 2018 at 8:10 pm

      Technically yes. Each RGB LED in the WS2812B strip draws approximately 50 mA at 5 V with red, green, and blue at full brightness. The one-meter strip has 60 LEDs. That will give your PSU’s +5V rail over 3A load. Your PSU should provide a current higher than this to run your strip efficiently.

      You can easily use a decent PC PSU to power an LED strip decoration set for your computer. I’ll, however, advise against tampering with your PSU. It could lead to unprecedented voltage drops on the +5V rail if the current overhead isn’t enough to power other PC needs (USB ports, hard drives etc) hence affecting your PC’s performance.

      Do it if you have an aftermarket PSU that gives you a decent current wiggle room

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