10 Best 3D Illusion Lamps Reviewed (2019)

Eiffel tower 3d illusion lamp

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If you love technology and would like to get something that will add décor to your home or impress your kids, then 3D illusion lamps should definitely make it on your list. If you haven’t used these lamps yet, you might be wondering what are 3D illusion lamps.

Well, a 3D illusion novelty lamp consists of a base fitted with LED lights and an acrylic that has a shape drawn on it.

The shape is drawn on a 2D object and features lines which appear to glow when illuminated to create a 3D-like shape.

Are 3D Illusion Lamps Worth It?

Why would you buy a 3D illusion lamp? Well, you can get a 3D lamp as décor for your home, mostly in the bedroom. The LED lamp itself doesn’t produce too much light, rather it works better when you have dimmed lights or completely put them off.

You can also buy this 3D illusion lamps as a gift for your child. You can be sure that he or she will love it as long as you get one that is modelled along a shape of an object or character he or she likes. Besides, these lamps are actually cheap. They are, therefore, worth your money.

10 Best 3D Optical Illusion Lamps

Elephant 3D Illusion LampElephant 3D Optical Illusion Light

The Elephant 3D LED light illusion lamp creates a nice optical illusion that will leave your kids in amazement. This has got to be one of the best elephant drawings on the 3D lamps, however, the acrylic ends of the glass still distract the design a bit.

Although this won’t completely distort the image, the designer would have bettered it by making the acrylic follow the contours of the elephant. All in all, it is a greatly designed optical illusion lamp that comes at a great price and has 8 interchangeable color modes.

Star Trek Battleship 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

Star Trek Battleship 3D Optical Illusion

If you are a fan of Star Trek, then this 3D optical illusion battleship will occupy a special place in your heart and your room. This multi-colored lamp can alternate between 7 different colors at the touch of a button and is powered by bright LED lights that have a long lifespan. If you are looking for a perfect birthday gift for your kid or techie boyfriend or girlfriend, then this is something that is guaranteed to make them smile.

Since the device is USB powered, you can easily light it up by connecting to a computer, laptop or even mobile phone. This means that you can carry it on your trip as long as you will be careful not to tamper with the acrylic glass.

R2-D2 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

R2-D2 3D Optical Illusion lamp

If you love Star Wars, then you love R2-D2. And if you love R2-D2, then there is no way you won’t love this R2-D2 optical illusion light. This modern lamp features a fantastic optical illusion that will definitely transform your room, man cave, office, or kid’s room. With 7 color mode display, you can play around with different colors to make the light look different based on the themes or your mood.

The LED lamps on this optical illusion lamp are long lasting and you can be sure that they will stay for long even if you leave the lamp on all night. Assembling and powering the lamp is easy. It also comes with a touch function to change between light modes. May the force be with you.

Alien 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

Alien 3D Optical Illusion LampThere are some optical illusion lamps that don’t look anything close to the real object, but this Alien 3D optical Illusion lamp isn’t in that category. The lamp has well-defined contours on the acrylic which make it an excellent addition to your home. The table lamp is compact enough to fit in most places and delivers an experience like no other.

With the alien-shaped optical illusion lamp, you can bring enthusiasm in your room or make your kids smile by adding it into their room. The lamp uses a 5V input hence you won’t have to worry about electricity consumption. Besides, it is safe for use by kids.

Abstract 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

Abstract 3D Optical Illusion LampAbstract lamps are some of the best out there and in particular this one that I tested, which is by YKL. There are so many designs to choose from but you must ensure that the one you choose has the acrylic modelled to bring out the shape of the abstract. Like the other lamps, this abstract 3D optical lamp comes in 8 interchangeable colors to create the mood you like. It has 8 LEDs on the inside of the base and doesn’t overheat. The lamp can be used in the bedroom, a child’s room, the living room, hotel, bar, or even a restaurant as décor.

Earth 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

Earth 3D Optical Illusion LampIf you need a perfect gift for your kid, then this Earth 3D Optical Illusion light will do the magic. Coming in 20 different color options, you can carefully search from the available options to give your kid a perfect gift in a color that he or she desires. This lamp is made from a thick 8mm acrylic panel that is not only sturdy but also durable. It’s simple yet stylish design is capable of making your space personalized.

This lamp can create a perfect night light for everyone while consuming less energy. Whether you are getting it for a kid, your nerd boyfriend or girlfriend, or you are looking for something to decorate your home, then this should definitely find its way in your list.

Heart 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

Heart 3D Optical Illusion LampNothing says –and reminds –your girlfriend that you love her more than this beautiful Heart 3D optical illusion lamp. The lamp is creatively designed to feature 3 big hears and a couple of smaller ones with the words ‘I Love You’ creatively added in the mix. The abstract displays better in all colors, but red seems to be more suited for the romantic message it carries.

The lamp comes in 8 interchangeable colors and its compact size means you can easily fit it on any flat surface and it will work just well. The only thing you need to consider is the power socket since it has to be connected to a power source in order for it to work.

Millennium Falcon 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

Millennium Falcon 3D Optical Illusion LampAnyone who loves Star Wars will admit that this is one of the best lamps developed based on the characters and objects in the movies. The Millennium Falcon 3D lamp is creatively designed to look like the real lamp from the series. A lot of detail has been added to every angle, from the edges to the sides of the acrylic making it one of those lamps that will definitely give you a ‘Wow’ factor.

The lamp comes with a seven color display, is operated by a USB, and has a smart touch button that you will use to change the color modes. It is definitely one of the most beautiful optical illusion lamps that you can ever see.

Pokémon Pikachu 3D Illusion Lamp

Pokémon Pikachu 3D Optical Illusion LampAlthough the Pokémon craze is slowly winding down, there is no denial that the Pokémon Pikachu lamp is the ideal décor item that will remind you of this wonderful game. While you might get other lamps because they have a character you desire, this Pikachu lamp is just beautiful in its own right and tastefully done that acrylic is modelled into the contours on the sides.

Having an output of only 5V, this lamp will only take 0.012kWH when lit for 24hours. Besides, it has over 10000 hours in lifespan and shines brightly than most lamps. You can finally catch Pikachu and bring him home to your kid, friend, or lover as a gift on a special day.

Sailing Ship 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

Sailing ship 3D illusion lampHaving a sailing boat as your desk lamp is now possible thanks to 3D optical illusion lamps. This lamp seems so complex yet so beautiful. The lines are properly done to the extent that you won’t easily notice the outer side of the acrylic.

Looking at the Sailing Ship 3D novelty lamp will create an illusion of a 3D ship model with its full sails on. The design is made from combing man-made fibers with natural materials to create a bulbing like no other. This is definitely one of the most detailed, highly accurate, and beautifully designed lamps you can have. If you have a kid who fancies ships, you can get him or her one of these 3D lamps. You can also use it as décor in your home.

How 3D Lamps Work

Although the cast illusion might seem quite sophisticated, 3D lamps actually use a simple mechanism to operate. They come in two pieces; the base and the acrylic which contains the image on a 2D plate.

The base contains LED lights –in most occasions 8- which face upwards through a slim rectangular space on the upper part of the base. The acrylic is made of clear plastic which an image drawn on it. The image seems more like faint lines when you look at it without lighting the LEDs.

The bottom side of acrylic has a base designed to fit into the space on the upper side of the base. Carefully fit it and it will hold into place before using the lamp.

When fitted and connected to a power source, the LED lights come on and cast light on the acrylic plate which then illuminates along the lines. Since there is a control chip at the base that allows the LEDs to change the color of the light, you can tap on the touch-sensitive button to alternate between different lights. When you reach the final light color, the lamp will activate a random color mode which allows it to shift between all the 7 or 8 colors in some cases.

There are many designs to choose from and I have reviewed the best that you can get. The shapes can be clearly seen from either side of the acrylic and I realized that they look great when in light blue, red, and green. These shapes are impressive to the extent that you will think they are actually 3D.

Before you use the 3D lamp, make sure that you get a USD plug with a rating of 5V to avoid supplying more than what the lamp needs. This is also for safety purposes. I hope that this review has shed some light on you when it comes to buying and setting up the 3D illusion novelty lights. There isn’t anything difficult about setting up this lamp that you cannot find in the instruction manual that comes with most of them.


  • They are great for both kids and adults
  • They are relatively cheap hence can be bought as a toy
  • They have an impressive shape that can make you think its 3D. However, be keen when choosing shapes since some don’t look anything like the image you see when shopping.
  • Lights in different colors bring about an ambient atmosphere. This makes them a nice addition to your home décor.
  • There are different designs of the acrylic and bases to choose from
  • They are safe for the children’s room. However, make sure to get a good USB plug for safety purposes.


  • It doesn’t come with a plug for connecting the USB to a power socket
  • The base is made from light plastic


3D illusion lamps won’t consume a lot of energy and won’t produce enough light to illuminate the entire room. However, these lamps will bring an element of décor that you will treasure. Whether you are a techie looking for a fancy light or a parent who wants to get something that will excite a kid, these best 3D illusion lamps that I have reviewed are worth every cent. Make your loved ones smile by getting them one of these.

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    Trimbaciu December 1, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    Hello. My name is Cosmin from Romania. I have 460 units of Pokemon Pikachu 3d led lamp in Amazon warehouses. From some resons they don’t allow me to sell this product to Amazon and, for this reason i want to sell my 460 units. I made qualitty check for this product, i dont have my brand to them, my box inlcude also a us power adapter. They are with touch control. Please make me an offer to my e-mil.

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    Betty Timmons December 6, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    Bought 3 lampeez lamps for grand kids they are young and not sure these lamps are safe to put in their rooms for nite light? Really need an answer as plan on giving for Christmas gifts. Thanks Betty Timmons

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      chester December 9, 2017 at 11:26 am

      Hi Betty,

      These lamps use LEDs which don’t get hot even after prolonged use. The LEDs themselves are also located inside the base, meaning that your grand kids won’t even interact with them directly. They are, therefore, safe for use in their rooms.

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    David December 22, 2017 at 7:17 pm

    I feel a bit mislead by the hype of this product. It took almost a month to arrive, its nothing more than cardboard that I put together, so what’s with the delay in shipping? They may be great for some people but I felt it was a bit misleading. Also, poor communication from the company, put on hold and when my que was up the line went dead.

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    Jim January 14, 2018 at 6:59 pm

    We order a shadow lamp to give as a gift. The product was made of cardboard and cardstock and not what they tout as Built to Last. The lamp shade was damaged by shipping and came apart when we tried to put it together. The company never offered a replacement and wanted us to pay to ship it back to them. What a ripoff

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