10 Mistakes to Avoid When Flying a Drone

Whether you are new to drone or flying or you are a seasoned drone pilot, we are all prone to making mistakes. Whereas FAA requires that all drone pilots register their drones and pass the Unmanned Aircraft General examination, most pilots fly their drones right out of their box without complying with either of the requirements. It is risky and might lead to some drone-related disasters. The following are some of the ten common mistakes you should avoid when flying your drone.

Learning how to fly using an expensive drone

This is one common mistake a lot of people make either consciously or unconsciously. If you’re just starting out with drones, you wouldn’t want to risk your precious investment. Start small, purchase a less pricey drone and you wouldn’t feel the pain as you take on the few inadvertent collisions and hard landings in your flying lessons. The Tech Toyz Aerodrone X6 RC Quadcopter would be a great place to start.

Trusting on “gimmicky” features

You should know as the drone market gets competitive, many manufacturers are trying so hard to add extra features on their drone. Note, some of these functions work great while others don’t. When purchasing your drone, it’s important, you be alert and avoid being caught in the trap of purchasing gimmicks for the real deal. You can as well test the drone before purchasing it for you to be sure about its features.

learning how to fly a drone

Avoid testing how high your drone can go

Know the quickest way of losing your drone? This is it. One of the gravest mistakes most novice drone pilots make is trying to test the highest limit their drone can go. The biggest disadvantage that comes with flying your drone high up is that when orientation changes it becomes pretty hard to control your control your drone.

Change in orientation happens when your drone is blown by the wind sideways, and instead of the forward stick sending your drone forward it sends it to further left or right. Whereas the advancement in technology has seen drones being developed with orientation mode, you still advised when learning how to fly, try and fly your drone at a reasonable distance.

Attempting tricks and stunts too soon

This is for the adrenaline junkies. This is easier said than done, however, for the sake of your drone it’s important you equip yourself with the basic flying skills first before you can think of attempting the complicated tricks and stunts.

Flying your drone’s batteries to complete discharge

This mistake not only damages your drone’s batteries but also may result in your drone disappearing. When flying your drone, regardless of your batteries, quality always land your drone once it reaches the 30% minimum.

Flying near obstructions and in poor conditions

This is one mistake you should always avoid at all cost. It’s beyond reasonable doubt that even the strongest and weather resistant drones get carried away by extreme weather conditions. Avoid any temptation that may come your way and fly your drone in a clear and calm weather and in a spacious open space if you are to enjoy flying your drone.

Flying your drone unprepared

To most drone pilots this is a big surprise. To avoid running into complications during your flight, ensure you take your time to prepare. See to it you have replacement propellers, extra batteries, memory cards and any essential tool that will be handy for your flight.

how to fly a drone

Not giving enough throttle during takeoff

This mistake is most common with newbies. When flying your drone ensure you give your drone’s wings and motor enough time to throttle and generate the required pressure for take-off. It is important as it will prevent your drone from flipping over and getting damaged.

Being ignorant of laws and regulations

As stated earlier, a lot of drone pilots are always ignorant of the laws and regulation governing drone flying. Before your drone leaves the ground to ensure you are aware of both safety and social laws being put in place since ignorance won’t be your defense once you get on the wrong side of the law.

Not being familiar with your drone

A common mistake a lot of drone pilots make is not knowing their drones well. Drones vary from each other. Immediately you purchase a new drone take time and familiarize yourself with its features, never assume that your previous knowledge will be of any importance to you.

Mistakes do happen even to the most experienced drone pilot; there is no running away from this truth. This, however, isn’t to say we shouldn’t be cautious. Hopefully, by going through these ten common mistakes, you will be able to prevent some mistakes from happening to you hence improving your flying experience.


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